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Chuletas a la jardinera (garden pork chops)

The pork chops are very tender and the sauce has a great savory sweetness. The green beans and corn maintain that fresh crispness and sweetness that you can’t get from the canned variety. I served these chops with some yellow rice and it was fan-tabulous!


Skillet enchiladas

Quick, easy, and tasty enchiladas.


Diet pizza (or tortilla pizza!)

Get all the flavor and fewer calories by simply swapping out your pizza crust for a whole wheat tortilla! Or, if you're short on time and/or want to get rid of veggies in your fridge, this is a great way to make a simple, light, quick meal!


Cherry delight pie

This is my mother-in-law's cherry pie recipe. I added the 'delight' because that's what it is. A nice refrigerator pie that mixes up quick and is oh, so yummy—and SO not good for the waistline!


Shrimp succotash

Tangy and peppery, this dish is so good I ate it at least twice a week for a year after I started making it! The best part is that it is done from start to finish in about 30 minutes, which includes washing the dishes while it cools off a little in your bowl. Sans shrimp, it also makes a great side dish.


Sausage & vegetable medley

A traditional home recipe of zucchini, onions, and tomatoes, enhanced with Italian sausage and bulked up with potatoes for a one-pan meal.


Impossibly easy cheesburger pie

This is a really easy-to-make main dish that's very popular in our house.


Deep and rich spaghetti sauce

A rich, full-of-flavor red sauce that is sure to be a hit at your table!


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