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Lemony, buttery roasted pear halves

I don't like pears, but I see people cooking with them on instagram and got FOMO. This is a sweet, simple little recipe that is elegant, romantic and delicious. All from a fruit that I couldn't stand.


Lemony hazelnut cake with fall fruit & cardamom

I took the Cinnamon Cake in Mark Bittman's newest book, <a href="">How to Bake Everything</a href>, and pushed it to its limits. I replaced half the flour with hazelnut meal; I used plain yogurt mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice instead of buttermilk; I swapped out cinnamon for cardamom; I arranged sliced fruit (first pears, then figs) on the top before baking; I forewent the crumb topping for a drizzle of honey-lemon glaze; I sprinkled with nigella seeds; I baked it in a tart pan. I took a simple Cinnamon Cake and Frankensteined it into a Fruit-Dappled Cardamom-Honey-Lemon Hazelnut Cake. (Maybe I am the monster???) <br /> <br />Bittman's cake tolerated all my prodding and nudging. My tweaks and swaps resulted in a strangely delightful and delightfully strange dessert—tart from the lemon, sweet from the honey caught on the fruit, and tender from the nut meal, with the wildcard ingredient—nigella seeds—adding a welcome savoriness. <br /> <br />Suggestions for taking this cake and toying with it some more: <br /> <br />- Instead of figs, use thinly sliced apples or pears. Try oat flour in place of the hazelnut flour and cinnamon in place of cardamom. Or try a mix! A pinch of nutmeg (and even a pinch of coriander) would also be welcome. <br />- Or drop in Concord grapes and use almond flour. Replace the vanilla extract with almond. <br />- Brown the butter (then cool completely) before stirring it into the batter. <br />- Use brown sugar in place of the white. <br />- Add the crumble (from the original recipe) back in! It's a simple mix of 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, and 3 tablespoons butter.


Lemony chix burger

Though I've come to terms with this admission, I still wince slightly when I it aloud: I don't like hamburgers. I don't think I ever did, but the last I ate was in high school -20 years ago- and I've never missed them. <br />I do love the idea of burgers though, especially during summertime when you can sit outside, crack open a watermelon, pour some sweet tea and enjoy the sunshine. As such, I need non-beef burgers in my repetoire, and I prefer that they not look like pancakes or pucks, sad seconds to the juicy beef patties sharing grill space. <br /> <br />I love real veggie burgers but chicken and/or turkey make the best substitutes for the "real" deal. This recipe is inspired by a southwestern turkey burger recipe I once had (white meat and chili) and by a delicious Aleppo-yogurt chicken kebab recipe I found on epicurious (chicken, Aleppo, yogurt). <br /> <br />It's lighter than air, super moist and completely satisfying. <br /> <br />You can make the patties ahead of time. Simply cover tightly and refrigerate until you're ready to grill them. <br />If you opt against using the breadcrumbs (which is totally fine!), the meat mixture will seem slightly loose. Just make sure your grill is completely heated and you won't lose a bit.


Lemon yellow squash with shrimp

This is a perfect one-dish meal for one for those of us who are trying to eat a bit lighter these days. (Too much ice cream, too many cookies, cheese, an awful lot of butter and creme know what I'm saying.) I used squash and spring onions from my weekly CSA ration--it can be modified however you like. You can easily multiply it, and it would be good with some brown rice or a little pasta. I made it pretty tart because I love lemon, but feel free to adjust the seasoning however you like. Butter at the end will enhance the sauce, but I kept it optional for those of us who are trying to lose the Food52 five pounds!


Lemony bucatini with wilted arugula

The garlicky and lemony combination is quite charming. The tanginess of the lemon beautifully offset the boldness of the garlic. The heaviness of the pasta is balanced with the freshness of the peppery arugula. Lastly, the toasted pine nuts adds a nice crunch while the pecorino is delightful salty and nutty. <br /> <br />Full original post:


Lemony banana olive oil muffins

This recipe is inspired by 101 Cookbook Lemony Olive Oil Banana Bread. I hate wasting produce and had all the ingredients. This recipe is rather simple. It can be made in an hour but produces a hearty, yummy treat to pair with coffee for the whole week.


Lemony apple tarte tatin

This recipe is an adaptation of the Classic Apple Tart Tatine by The British Larder. I was initially intrigued by its unusual looks, but as I tried it, it was a love at the first bite. <br />It's so easy to make yet so delicious, I am surprised there aren't more posts about Tatins out there. <br />Most important thing is to pick apples that are firm -- so that they retain their shape after cooking in syrup.


Lemony asparagus pasta with mushrooms and herbed ricotta

This pasta has several things going for it: 1) it's a great way to showcase your finest asparagus; 2) it's light and bright from lemon and the herbed ricotta that you swirl into your pasta right before digging in; 3) it's got an unexpected depth of flavor from anchovy and mushrooms; and 4) it's an excuse to open a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for both cooking and drinking purposes. I used Uproot 2011 Sauvignon Blanc, which made a lovely pairing.


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