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Perfect key-lime pound cake

Sweet and tangy lime with the rich-buttery moistness of the perfect pound cake. This will knock your socks off. I've been fought for left-overs at a recent get-together. Improvise other flavorful ingredients if key-lime doesn't do it for you. And don't hate on the fat and's called a pound cake for a reason!


French toast soufflé

If you love French toast, then you will love this baked version with a pecan praline topping. It's a great dish for holidays, brunch, or dinner! It is a super easy to make souffle! Note: the recipe requires overnight marinating.


Chicken bow-tie salad

Something a little different than the same old pasta salad.


Mini marble rum chocolate banana bread

This is not your regular banana and chocolate marble cake. You will not only taste banana and chocolate—there are few teaspoonful of extra ingredients that are added to this bread, creating a surprising pleasant and not-overpowering complex flavour profile. All these ingredients are distinguishable if one eats a tiny bite of the bread at a time.


Grandma’s gingersnaps

Hubby's favorite! A recipe for mild tasting gingersnaps, best when baked only 9 minutes to stay chewy. They have a beautiful cracked top.


Homemade fancy bread

This bread is very easy to make and it's a simply delicious bread snack recipe, which will be loved by all ages. Try it!


Lemon cookies

Delicious lemon cookies made with butter, almond flour, caster sugar, and topped with a slice of lemon.


Lemon yogurt panna cotta

These are rich and creamy and slightly tangy. Lemon and yogurt make this dessert light. Perfect for hot summer evenings.



A full and satisfying dish that has always been a hit in my family.


Luby’s sausage steak

Luby's Sausage Steak is a sausage steak that is topped with melted cheddar cheese, crisp bacon, and scallions. Sausage hasn't been served for breakfast like this before. If you didn't know, Luby's Cafeteria serves breakfast,


Fabulous fudge

Super-delicious fudge that is easy to make and delicious to eat--which is what makes it so fabulous!


Herbed tortellini salad

A quick and easy herbed pasta salad that just as good cold as it is hot!


Hawaiian chicken sandwiches

Served on Hawaiian bread with grilled pineapple, bacon, sharp cheddar and lettuce, the Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich had the males around here wanting more!


Asian salmon burgers with tangy ginger lime sauce

Asian meets seafood to create a delicious handheld meal.


Chicken guacamole salad

Great for a spring lunch or picnic!


Chocolate mojito key lime pie

Check out this simple and tasty twist on a classic!


Chocolate chip waffles

America's favorite cookie comes to breakfast!


Fresh spring pesto

Super yummy, no-measuring recipe for pesto that can be served hot, cold or on your shoe.


Tomato caper & basil salad

Simple and sophisticated with incredible flavors!


Sea salt brownies

If you like sweet and salty, this recipe is for you! Dutch cocoa and flake sea salt combine into a rich, decadent brownie.


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