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Summer fruit salad with kefir poppy seed dressing

Summer Fruit Salad with Kefir Poppy Seed Dressing ~ a healthy and delicious mixed fruit salad that goes from breakfast to dessert ~ can be vegan too!


Chocolate sheet cake with peanut butter frosting

  So my oldest turned 9 last week. It was rough. Some of his birthdays are fun, some of them are exciting, some of them kind of come and go. And some of them kind


Cranberry walnut wild rice porridge (mahnomin porridge)

Cranberry Walnut Wild Rice Porridge ~ swap out your oatmeal for this gluten free hot cereal full of antioxidants, protein, and fiber.


Jewel box labneh balls

Jewel Box Labneh Balls ~ homemade labneh, or yogurt cheese rolled in colorful herbs and spices.  Serve as a healthy appetizer with bread, or on salads.


Heirloom tomato toast

Heirloom Tomato Toast ~ the simple pleasure of great tomatoes paired with great bread is known to tomato lovers everywhere.


Whipped basil ricotta with spring crudité

Whipped Basil Ricotta with Spring Crudité ~ this healthy raw vegetable appetizer with a fluffy herb ricotta dip is a perfect way to welcome the new season.  


Soft glazed gingerbread cookies

Soft Glazed Gingerbread Cookies made with cookie stamps. These easy roll out spice cookies will become your new holiday favorites.


The sloppy santa and 9 other naughty nightcaps

The Sloppy Santa and 9 Other Naughty Nightcaps ~ warm and cozy spiked winter beverages that take cocoa, toddies, and eggnot to a whole new level!


Mediterranean pasta salad with tuna

Mediterranean Pasta Salad with Tuna is a quick and healthy 30 minute meal straight from the pantry. It's high in protein and so delcious!


Cranberry raspberry chia lemonade

This chia lemonade with cranberry and raspberry is tart, sweet and filled with nutritious chia seeds for a refreshing and healthy drink.


Peanut butter frosted brownies

Peanut Butter Frosted Brownies ~ these chewy chocolate brownies are topped with a veritable avalanche of creamy peanut butter frosting.


13 recipes that prove heirloom tomatoes deserve all the hype!

The Best Heirloom Tomato Recipes ! from gazpacho and bruschetta to salads and more, everything you need to enjoy these colorful tomatoes.


Farmers market hummus

Farmers Market Hummus ~ heirloom cherry tomatoes and basil are a perfect match with the classic Mediterranean chickpea dip ~ it's summer in an appetizer!


Whitefish with cherry salsa

Whitefish with Cherry Salsa ~ grill your fish over charcoal, or pop it under the broiler, my juicy cherry salsa makes it a spectacular 30 minute meal.  


Easy cold brew icebox pie

Cold Brew Icebox Pie ~ a deep dark chocolate crumb crust filled with a refreshing cold brew coffee cream, this no bake dessert takes 15 minutes to make!


Chicken salad summer rolls

My Chicken Salad Summer Rolls with an herbed mayonnaise dip is a delicious take on classic Vietnamese rice paper rolls and an easy 30 minute lunch or dinner


Healthy chia limeade popsicles

Chia Limeade Popsicles ~ file this 2 ingredient frozen treat under easy, healthy, refreshing, vegan, and of course, delicious!


Gluten free spiced peach crisp

Gluten Free Spiced Peach Crisp ~ a fresh peach dessert made wtih warm gingerbread spices for a delicious twist on a classic!


Summer’s best pitcher cocktails

Pitcher Cocktails are a host's best friend. Easy make-ahead cocktail and mocktail recipes for summer parties and barbecues.


Herbed cheddar sausage and egg waffle sandwiches

These mini sausage and egg waffle sandwiches are the perfect breakfast or brinner! Fresh greens, melted cheddar, herbed scrambled eggs and sausage make the perfect bite.


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