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Vegan watermelon lemonade

This vegan watermelon lemonade is a fun, refreshing drink for summertime! No refined sugar and made with just 4 ingredients. Question: what’s your favorite summer fruit? This year mine has definitely been watermelon. If you’ve watched any of my what I eat in a day videos, this...


Green eggs, no ham- cast iron watercress & fresh mozzarella omelet for two

Jump to Recipe Print Recipe I must be getting old, I’m craving greens for St. Patrick’s day. Spring greens. Chives from the garden. Watercress from the farmers market. Avocados from Mexico. Though I’ve always considered it a stay at home holiday- roving bands of amateur drunks scare me. I’m happy to stay home and worry […]


Frozen watermelon lemonade

Frozen Watermelon Lemonade is like a watermelon frosting and is so refreshing in the Summer Time. We're in full Summer mode around here...never ready to say goodbye to Summer! That statement is sort of true. (wink) We've also been going through watermelons like crazy at our house. It's the perfect late night snack, great hydration without the when it's icy cold from the fridge it's the best! To mix things up, we made frozen watermelon lemonade, and it was so good! It's kind of like a watermelon frosty. Frozen Watermelon Lemonade Frozen Watermelon Lemonade is like a refreshing watermelon


Mandarin watermelon salad

Fruit tossed with feta? U-betcha, nothing betta’! Fresh mint, cilantro and parsley add the perfect pop. I’m always looking for something different to serve my mom, who’s a vegetarian—and she loved this! —Jade Bausell, Miami


Frozen watermelon margarita

This kicked up version of a frozen watermelon margarita is the perfect way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!


Vegan watermelon, coconut and mint ice cream

This is a simple ice cream I dreamt up, which needs only an immersion blender, and just turned out to be vegan. It worked out beautifully, very creamy and not icy in the least. It's going to be a summer time staple from now on.


Frozen watermelon margarita

What’s better than an icy cold slice of watermelon on a hot day? An icy cold frozen watermelon margarita! Allow at least 30 minutes to freeze the watermelon. Or, if you want to prepare ahead of time, freeze it for up to 24 hours before you assemble the cocktail.


Frozen watermelon mint gin fizz

I recently fell in love with watermelon juice and knew that I had to come up with a cocktail using it. These watermelon gin fizz slush drinks (or water-fizzes, as I now call them) are delicious and refreshing. The fresh mint (one of my favorite herbs) balances the sweet watermelon and gin to create the perfect summer cocktail. <br />


{copycat} sonic ocean water

Did y'all know it gets hot in Arizona?! Ummmm, yeah! I have heard the rumors .... and I have also heard that I haven't seen anything yet! We've been here for about 2 months now


Why i start every day with lemon water

Why I Start Every Day With Lemon Water ~ my recipe for lemon water, plus the myths and the facts about drinking lemon water every morning


Made in the kitchen water color paint

Homemade water color paint for kids, and it only takes two ingredients from your cupboard.


Seared scallops on watermelon salad with sparkling mint vinaigrette

Seared Scallops on Watermelon Salad with Sparkling Mint Vinaigrette - Fresh and surprising! This unique combination is elegant and inviting. A simple seared


Vegan watermelon lime ice cream

Have you been enjoying watermelon this summer? We love this sweet, pink & juicy fruit. What could be happier than something naturally preppy pink & green that you can actually eat? How about watermelon used in a delicious, good for you ice cream! A few...


Frozen watermelon margaritas

  Frozen Watermelon Margaritas, this cocktail is destined to become everyones favorite. What’s more festive in the summer months than cool sippers with your favorite spirits and pink fruit!     Last week I was sent this selection of four Patron tequilas: Silver, Reposado, Anejo & XO Cafe Dark Cocoa They were excellent...


Morning detox lemon water

8 Oz. of hot water Juice of 1 Lemon 1 Tsp. cinnamon 1 Tbsp honey


Lemon water with honey (hot)

Lemon Water With Honey


Lemon water detox

Fresh lemon juice from a half or whole lemon 2 Dashes of cayenne pepper 8 oz of room temperature filtered water


Great depression water pie – weekend potluck #390

Weekend Potluck featured recipes include: Great Depression Water Pie, Crescent Roll Peach Dumplings, Tennessee Cornbread Salad and BBQ Pork Potato Foil Packets #weekendpotluck #mealplan


Easy ocean water punch

Ocean Water Punch only has a couple of ingredients but is perfect for all your summer parties, Memorial Day and 4th of July gatherings!


Frozen watermelon: the easiest popsicle ever

How to make Frozen Watermelon Ice Pops out of whole watermelon slices. Plus Frozen Watermelon Granita and Watermelon Wine Slushies.


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