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Gulab jamun with caramelized bananas — and an indian buffet love story

I have heavy scent memories of an Indian restaurant Mike and I used to frequent called Jaipur. They must have burned incense every night for years. Maybe the scent is something the owner remembered but couldn’t place — something from when his synapses weren’t yet refined enough for memory. His mother burning it in the … Read more...


Lemon madeleines with mango and raspberry curd — and a chance to win a mixer!

What does summer taste like? I know what summer looks like. It looks like trees weighed down with heavy cascades of leaves, thunderheads gathering solemnly in evening heat, steam rising off pavement. Summer sounds like the persistent hum of cicadas, wind rushing through the woods behind my apartment. Summer smells like jasmine, gardenias, and bushels … Read more...


Del monte gold for gold treasure hunt — and pineapple bacon pancake bites!

Pineapple Bacon Pancake Bites Recipe -- and enter Del Monte's Gold for Gold Treasure Hunt Fall 2014.


Yum! wild planet salmon rocks in this tortellini recipe — and more

I am a Wild Planet Brand Ambassador. I received Wild Planet products for review; however, all opinions in this post are my own. How about a quick — yet richly flavor-packed — dinner recipe today? This Browned Butter Tortellini with Wild Planet Sockeye Salmon, Mushrooms, and Spinach has its own simple elegance, but a can ofView Post


Celebrating cheesecake — and a challenge for you!

Taylor from Taylor Takes a Taste tweeted me yesterday with a very, very important message: Today is National Cheesecake Day! Well, okay, it’s actually National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day, but I’ve never made a white chocolate cheesecake, so just ignore that part. I’ll add it to my to-do list. In order to celebrate, I thought … Read more...


How to use an air fryer — and our favorite recipes to make in it

Yes, you can fry without the fat when you use an air fryer! Get our tips for using an air fryer, as well as some of our favorite Philips Airfryer recipes.


Here are seven vegan dishes that will make meatless mondays — and beyond — a breeze

Those who think vegan food is dry or boring, listen up: The best dishes (and we have plenty of recipes from which to choose) are flavor-packed, hearty, filling, and subtle at once. Here are eight favorites.


Portobello egg cups — and some thoughts on pinterest

Portobello Egg Cups -- Gluten free recipe for a pretty brunch.


Celebrating cupcakes — and a challenge for you!

Willow Bird Baking’s Cupcake Week has come to an end, but your cupcake fun is just beginning! As a grand finale to a week full of baking, filling, frosting, and eating, I’m handing my middle school cupcake campers’ thinking caps over to you. You’re gonna need ’em. Presenting the Willow Bird Baking Cupcake Challenge! My … Read more...


Rhode island clam chowder still confounds — and satisfies

Quahogs take center stage in this clear chowder from Rhode Island. There are no tomatoes or cream, just the pure taste of clams, salt pork, and potatoes.


Potato soup with spinach — and lots of bacon!

This easy and filling potato soup recipe is a bacon lover's dream! If you have a taste for potato soup, try Potato Soup with Spinach -- And Lots of Bacon!


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