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Kitchen tour {part 2}: appliances

Last Friday I shared some photos of my new kitchen.  (Click here to check it out.) Today  I'm going to show you the details of the goodies inside.  And by goodies, I mean the stainless

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Last year I spent a good amount of time building some raised beds in my yard for a small garden. This year I had to hold off on getting them ready and planting them due to my knee surgery. I actually thought I would maybe just abandon the project this year, but a few weeks […]


Kitchen makeover day 2: my cabinetry

Yesterday, I shared photos of my brand-spanking-new kitchen. Today let me tell you about the cabinetry. This whole remodel endeavor started with a need for new kitchen cabinetry. I had old peeling laminated cabinetry, with very


Kitchen basics: how to freeze blueberries

I hereby declare this officially unofficial blueberry week. Our lips might be stained permanently purple by the end of it. Not that that's a problem or anything. It's become part of our summer tradition to make the 40 minute drive outside of the city, braving the heat and the sun and the massive bugs to pick as many blueberries as our baskets can hold. What seems like a ridiculous amount of berries inevitably gets eaten well before we have a chance to fulfill all our lofty recipe aspirations, at which point we promptly go back out and pick some more. Ok, so I didn't eat ALL 16 pounds of blueberries on my own, that would have caused a massive tummyache. But I love throwing a giant handful of berries on my cereal in the mornings, without having to worry about running out. Most, however, made their way into an assortment of indigo-hued desserts and adult beverages (recipes which I will be sharing with you during this week of blueberry). The rest I've frozen for a rainy day. Or a cold day.


The internet kitchen: memorial weddings

Betsy and I have a few different friends getting married this weekend so we are both traveling to different places (Austin/PA) to attend wedding-related activities. I’m pretty excited to see some friends from college and partake in plenty of good food and good drink. Hopefully, everyone has some great Memorial Weekend activities planned even if […]


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After Sara's fruit salsa a few weeks ago, you should be well-acquainted with the idea of Choose Your Own Adventure cooking! What it REALLY is is getting to a point where you're comfortable enough in


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Cinnamon Rolls are a favorite in our house. We seem to always get the cravings on Sunday afternoons, so after church when we're all home being lazy, I'll often whip up a batch. There have


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There is something about diner food, or even the suggestion of diner food, that seems to have magical powers over people. One morning a few months ago, I was watching Gilmore Girls and Lorelai and