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Mathura ke dubki wale aloo

Mathura ke Dubki wale Aloo is a traditional spicy potato recipe from the streets of Mathura, a small town in Uttar Pradesh.


Kozhukkatta | kerala rice dumplings ( guest post for pretty polymath)



Savory indian biscuit (mathi)

Mathi also known as Mathri is one of my favorite Indian tea-time snacks. It’s a crumbly, salty and Savory Indian Biscuit that’s perfect served alongside...


Taylor mathis reveals the secrets to taking perfect pancake photos

How’s the pancaking going in your house?  Tomorrow, March 1st, is considered to be Pancake Day by some (and Mardi Gras being the other).  Are you celebrating?  Don’t miss out on my post about my favorite Pancake Paraphernalia—things you never knew you needed, like Star Wars pancake molds.  I’m continuing my exploration of all things […]


Greek style dolmathes with or without avgolemono

Dolmathes, or stuffed grape leaves are one of my favorite things to make, maybe its because my mom used me as child labor starting from age 8 or so to help with labor at our restaurant. During my formative years, about age 3 to age 14 my parents ran a restaurant/bar, perhaps this explains much of my oddness in general. If you’ve worked in the “industry” it attracts a special group of folks, an awesomely bi-polar group of misfits, especially in Utah in the 80?s and 90?s, the food biz didn’t make you a rock star like “chefs” are in the now times. Cooking was a job for the troubled soul, the criminal, the outcast, and this is perhaps why I am so fond of those types in general. Myself and my sisters would sit at the bar or later in the back by the walk in at our place on 33rd and Washington, and roll dolmathes or stab souvlaki for hours, honestly I hated it at the time…now I would go back in a heart beat just to sit and listen to “Rollin’s Band”, talk with our staff, and argue with my sisters while I flipped marinade at them. Good ole’ days. Anyhoo, I am sharing this recipe…its honestly a little hard for me to do, as I am attached to it and never given it out. Shall we begin the potion of amore? Yes I think so:


Bakery-style frosted brownies {and the aftermath of hurricane sandy & helping those in need}

I thought I knew about the destruction and havoc that natural disasters could wreak. I’m familiar with snowstorms that come bearing five-foot-high-walls of snow, and personally knowing people (dear family and friends) who have been


Lemony greek dolmathes with toasted pine nuts

Greek dolmathes are equivelant to Middle Eastern dolma. Both recipes feature stuffed grapeleaves. The Greek version has less spices.


Free funnix beginning math program

This looks like a really cute thing for me to get for Elizabeth.  She is starting Kindergarten in the Fall and is so eager to get started learning the same things her brothers have been learning! Through June 26, 2011, you can get a FREE copy of Funnix Beginning Math All components of Funnix Beginning...Read More »


Everyday math: 10 free app downloads (through april 17, 2011)

I know that my Super-local readers (and any Elementary School parent who has to deal with Everyday Math) will love this…I STILL haven't got over the fact that I have to learn how to help my children with their homework without telling them to “carry the 1”! The people at Everyday Math emailed me to...Read More »


5 free everyday math apps – through october 28, 2011 only!

If you have children in school using the Everyday Math program, you are going to want to grab these apps while they are Free! Just head to the iTunes App Store and you will be able to download the following apps to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for FREE (sorry – this freebie is...Read More »


Aromatherapy & safety considerations of essential oils


Mathematics app for kindergarteners

Zap Zap Math is a great Mathematics APP for Kindergarteners or kids of any age to play and practice their Math skills all throughout the year!


Aromatherapy and its great health benefits

Aromatherapy and its great health benefits - about essential oils and how to use them, plus some tips on how to make homemade cosmetics.


Kale sausage mushroom pizza. because kale. and math.

Kale on pizza: Kale sausage mushroom pizza. It's delicious. It's crispy and sweet, which works well with the salty sausage and earthy mushrooms.


5 free everyday math apps (through 2/9/2012 only)

Never miss another deal again! Get free updates from Moms Need To Know when you subscribe by email or via RSS Feed. If you have children in elementary school using the Everyday Math program (or even if they are at that age and use a different program), you are going to love these freebies! Through...Read More »


Mathanga thoran – pumpkin stir fry

The curry that you are serving along with rice, has to be a little spicy and that will make the combination of rice, curry and Matanga thoran.


Nippattu recipe | diwali special | south-indian mathri |

Nippattu Recipe is a flavourful, crispy, savoury and spicy South-Indian snack which, according to me, is a cousin of North-Indian mathri.


Methi mathri

Methi Mathri is a salty spicy namkeen that brings back memories of childhood. They are ideal preparations for the festive season too.


Dolmathes with avgolemono

A traditional Greek appetizer recipe of rice-and-beef-stuffed grape leaves served with a tangy lemon sauce.


Ilish macher matha diye pui shaak | bengali hilsa recipe

Ilish macher matha diye pui shaak which can be perfectly translated as Malabar spinach with Hilsa head – a typical recipe from Bengal which proves the extent of our love for fish!

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