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How to get more vegetables into your diet

I no longer bother to make New Year’s Resolutions, because I learned long ago that I am most likely not going to stick with them. When it comes to making changes in my life, I

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Summertime shrimp chowder

This fresh and lovely little chowder was actually on my list to share with you next summer. The way this blog works is that I cook and take pictures almost every day...but I only post three times a week. Believe it or not, I already have almost a full summers-worth of recipes lined up for you. So once I finished figuring out this chowder recipe, I was going to park it on the back burner for next summer...until my friend Dennis saw my notes for it on my kitchen counter, and said (and this is a direct quote): "GET THIS POSTED, GIRL!" And because I try and always do what Dennis says, I bumped something else out of the way and here I am with what I am now fondly thinking of as Summertime 2013 (not 2014!) Shrimp Chowder.


Chicken and corn chowder with sweet potatoes

{Update 03/14}: This fabulous soup has been on my site for over six years now and it is high time it got a little facelift. I've added new pictures and a few changes/notes to the


How to make homemade butter

Make your own homemade butter, you're thinking?  Yes, I freely admit it...sometimes I wake up purely and simply obsessed with making something that is completely available in large stacks in the supermarket.  A little while


Puppy chow!

There are several things I must say IMMEDIATELY about this recipe. First of all, it is Puppy Chow for people, not puppies. It is a concoction of Chex cereal that has been coated in chocolate


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Pumpkin spice (and everything nice) muffins

A muffin recipe has to be really good to get my endorsement. When it comes to baked goods, I have an exacting palate, and I am very particular about my muffins. Too many so-called muffins


Caramilk brownie bites

My sister and her husband came to visit a while ago, and very thoughtfully brought me a post-gestational-diabetes present - a large box of Cadbury's chocolate bars. I believe the box held 50 assorted bars,


Chocolate cherry breakfast bars (original recipe)

The dreaded school lunch. I don't quite know why this is, but making children's lunches for school is about as rewarding as making a beautiful gourmet dinner and then flushing it all down the toilet


Candy cane joe joe ice cream

"What the heck is a Candy Cane Joe Joe?", some of you may be asking. Ah, 'tis a sad business that not everyone in the world can know the pleasures of the Candy Cane Joe