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Bacon, gruyere and endive quiche (low carb and gluten-free)

You may recall that I am part of a campaign for California Endive called OnDiva. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this campaign for a number of reasons. First, I am among

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This was a dish we served at the American Comfort Food Pop-up I did with Cheese1227 and it received such rave reviews, I’m really proud of it. Someone who is a retired food writer, and has eaten more dishes than I have dreamed about said it was one of the best scallop dishes they ever had. ( I kvelled oh how I kvelled). <br /> <br /> I spent a lot of time thinking about it, often I just get in the kitchen and make something, and if its good so I try to write down what I did. <br /> <br />I wanted to create a dish that would be reminiscent of scallops wrapped in bacon without being scallops wrapped in bacon—I also wanted to incorporate dates because dates wrapped in bacon are also delicious. We called it Angels & Devils on Horseback. <br /> <br />This took a good month of thinking and drawing and mentally tasting combinations, and reading the Flavor Bible, and reading recipes. And finally I had it—and I had a bit of a breakdown when I thought it wasn’t good enough, but then when someone who doesn’t like scallops licked the plate I knew I had it. It’s a lot more “cheffy” than a lot of my cooking, it has lots of tiny bits, and probably would benefit from tweezer plating—but I won’t cross that line. <br /> <br />You will have left over date puree & vinaigrette – spread date puree on a piece of toast, cover with soft goat cheese & top with butter greens tossed in left over vin, or spread date puree on chicken or lamb and grill serve with salad of apple & green tossed in vinaigrette). I use a variation of another date recipe that I posted on Food52 a few years ago--- if you want to you could make a batch of that and have some for dessert and use a few to make the date puree here. <br />


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