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A few thoughts before mother’s day…

Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs, but is by far the most rewarding. This Mother's Day celebrate your strengths. Happy Mother's Day!

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Summer squash scrambled eggs

From my father, to my husband, to my daughter, I have had my share of experience in trying to add (hide) more vegetables into dishes. I started by burying zucchini noodles in a rich cheese sauce, then moved on to adding it to meatballs and have recently been mixing it into eggs. This last trick is my favorite as the subtle sweetness of the squash is a great partner to the eggs and the texture becomes almost velvety. My daughter will eat "green eggs" with blended kale mixed in, but she will not eat regular eggs with bits of green mixed in. So when I make these for her, I peel the zucchini first and it blends right in. Last year when I had a zucchini bounty, I grated it, squeezed it and froze it in a cupcake tray so I could pull out zucchini hockey pucks later. This is also a great way to get more water out of the zucchini.


Honey roasted radicchio and brussels sprouts

Coming up with new vegetable dishes can be challenging sometimes. It's not a problem because there are a lack of recipes for us to choose from. It's a matter of the routine we fall into when in the grocery store. Not many of us have time to plan a menu pre-grocery shop, we just get the veggies we're used to when in the produce aisle. <br /> <br />Here's what I do. I pick up a few of my staples (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cucumbers), and then pick up one or two ingredients I don't usually cook with. Once they're in your fridge, you can do a little research. You might just find a new staple. <br /> <br />This week's newest veggie in my repertoire: radicchio. And not for salad. This would be a great recipe as a side dish for the holidays!


Creamed spinach artichoke shallot dip

Creamed Spinach Artichoke Shallot Dip - Serve this hot dip with breadsticks, chips or crackers. #BossDip


Deconstructed zucchini manicotti

My favorite thing in the world to eat is pasta. Like, if I was seeing my last days and someone was like, Adrianna, what would you like to eat because dying sucks? I’d be like, BRING ME PASTA! A gigantic bowl of pasta bolognese with a glass of lambrusco would be it for me. So, it’s not really a surprise that the dish I crave the most when I’m trying to eat healthier is pasta. Last year I got super into zucchini noodles with turkey meatballs every single night for like weeks, WEEKS. I actually first discovered the glory of spiralized vegetables from Ali’s blog, Inspiralized. At first I was like, uh, I dunno, I like real pasta but then I was needing something healthier in my life and this seemed like an awesome alternative. And guess what? I felt A LOT better and of course, the pounds slowly came off (I was exercising a lot too, by the way). But zucchini noodles helped my brain think it was eating normal pasta. The flavors were still present so it made me really happy and satisfied. This recipe is from Inspiralized! And I loooove the book. She’s pretty smart with a …


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Spicy honey chicken salad

Long-time readers of our blog will recognize this little number. Whenever the topic of favorite Best Bites recipes comes up, whether it be with friends, family, on-line forums, parenting boards, etc. Spicy Honey Chicken is


Tutorial: mashed potatoes

After Sara's fruit salsa a few weeks ago, you should be well-acquainted with the idea of Choose Your Own Adventure cooking! What it REALLY is is getting to a point where you're comfortable enough in


Overnight cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon Rolls are a favorite in our house. We seem to always get the cravings on Sunday afternoons, so after church when we're all home being lazy, I'll often whip up a batch. There have


Diner-style french fries (and fry sauce)

There is something about diner food, or even the suggestion of diner food, that seems to have magical powers over people. One morning a few months ago, I was watching Gilmore Girls and Lorelai and