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Standing rib roast with garlic and rosemary

Looking for an easy low carb, diabetes-friendly holiday meal that looks like you slaved all day? You simply can't get any easier than a rib roast. It practically cooks itself! I love holiday traditions and

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Standing rib roast

Standing Rib Roast Whatcha' makin' for Christmas dinner???  Thanksgiving of course is a non-issue… no decision making needed.  But what about Christmas??? You really don't want turkey ‘cause you just had it for a week


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Standing rib roast with jammy pan sauce

A standing rib roast is both a stunning presentation piece and stunningly easy to make. All one needs is a hot oven and solid roasting pan. I think it’s an ideal recipe to showcase a great piece of meat and indeed I encourage you to buy the best beef you can find and afford. The quality of the meat will make or break the success of this dish (well that and not overcooking it). I love that you can make an easy gravy with some wine, the cooking juices and bits, and a little jam thrown in to round it all out. This is where I usually dump that last bit of curious jam I bought on my travels somewhere, something not too sweet and with a good fruit flavor that pairs well with meat, such as a plum jam or quince but not raspberry or strawberry. Wine jellies are particularly good for this, but really try to use something you have. This is not about going out and hunting down an obscure ingredient. I like to set the roast up on the side board to roast just as we sit down to eat appetizers, then carve it, set it on a platter and pour the sauce over it all and set it down on the table. That way no one misses the dramatic effect of the huge piece of meat standing upright.


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My sister and her husband came to visit a while ago, and very thoughtfully brought me a post-gestational-diabetes present - a large box of Cadbury's chocolate bars. I believe the box held 50 assorted bars,


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