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Low carb nanaimo bars

Nanaimo bars...oh how I love you. And what a joy it is to have created an authentic low carb nanaimo bar recipe that tastes just as good as the original. The famed Canadian dessert gets

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An authentic Italian recipe from the 13th century found in a wonderful cookbook titled "From the Art of the Medicis to the Tables of Today” by Carla Geri Camporesi and Barbara Golini. I am working on trying many of the other recipes in this historical and interesting cookbook about one of Italy's most famous historical families. This recipe is a perfect example of using simple ingredients filled with lots of flavor. <br />


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A cauliflower rice crusted rich frittata that is easy to make and you can have a huge slice of it! Gluten free & dairy free


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I could probably eat this every day. I have created it in many variations, but this is my favorite. <br /> <br />Traditionally, this dish is done with broccoli rabe and pine nuts. I can rarely find organic broccoli rabe and pine nuts are prohibitively expensive.


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My sister and her husband came to visit a while ago, and very thoughtfully brought me a post-gestational-diabetes present - a large box of Cadbury's chocolate bars. I believe the box held 50 assorted bars,


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The dreaded school lunch. I don't quite know why this is, but making children's lunches for school is about as rewarding as making a beautiful gourmet dinner and then flushing it all down the toilet


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