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time cucumber

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Anytime cucumber slices

I received this recipe for cucumber slices from a friend at church who would make a large batch for picnics and potlucks.


Cookbook corner: the lemonade cookbook + a refreshing summertime cucumber & mint lemonade

This Homemade Cucumber Mint Lemonade is light, refreshing and naturally a beautiful green colour, perfect for lazy summer picnics.


Summertime cucumber salad

This simple and fast summertime recipe is little more than cucumbers and onion in creamy salad dressing with vinegar and sugar.


Anytime cucumber salad

Barbara Moravek of Jay, Florida writes, “This recipe has a wonderfully refreshing taste. In 10 minutes (or less) you can have a mouthwatering salad with only 5 ingredients.”—Barbara Moravek, Jay, Florida


Summer time cucumber sandwiches

Small slices of cocktail rye bread are spread with ranch-flavored cream cheese and topped with a cucumber slice and a sprinkling of dill for a savory little appetizer canape.


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