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California tortilla: pop-tart day on may 20th

I know that this sounds like a strange thing, but on Wednesday May 20th, California Tortilla restaurants will be giving out free Pop-Tarts to all customers. Why would you want to go to California Tortilla for a Pop Tart, of all things? This year we've upped the Pop Tart Day ante. One very lucky customer...Read More »


Reminder: may 20th is pop tart day at california tortilla

Just a reminder that Wednesday is free Pop-Tart Day at California Tortilla!  Why should you go to California Tortilla for a POP TART???? How about the chance to win Free Burritos for a year? More details here Related


California tortilla: free pop tart day on october 11, 2011

Yes – that's right – it's “Pop Tart Day” at California Tortilla. What's more, it is their 17th Annual Pop Tart Day! On October 11, 2011, California Tortilla giving away 20,000 fabulously delicious Pop–Tarts (TM) pouches for free But that's not all! Once again we've upped the Pop–Tarts Day ante. One customer from each of...Read More »


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