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spicy salmon sushi bowl

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Spicy salmon sushi bowls

Grab the recipe for these super delicious Spicy Salmon Sushi Bowls! Seasoned white rice, spicy sushi grade salmon and a fab marinade you'll love!


Paleo spicy salmon sushi bowls

All of the sushi taste you love in a healthy, gluten, grain, dairy, sugar-free spiralized meal, without the carbs!


Spicy salmon sushi bowl

Spicy Salmon Sushi Bowl Sushi.  I could eat it every day.  More specifically, I could eat a spicy salmon roll with avocado every day.  Just rice, nori, spicy salmon and avocado – oh and cilantro.  To me, each roll is a bite of heaven.  Making sushi rolls really isn’t that hard, once you get the...Read More »


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