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in penne

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Creamy vegan pumpkin penne pasta

This unique vegan recipe is perfect for fall because it incorporates a sugar pie pumpkin, fresh sage, and coconut milk for a creamy, fragrant pasta sauce.


Baked pumpkin penne

Although I am thoroughly enjoying my pumpkin pie smoothies a few days a week, I was inspired by this post to create a savory pumpkin dish.  My pumpkin love doesn't end with the sweet dishes,


Perfect pumpkin penne pasta

Autumn alliteration at its finest! This pasta is perfect comfort food on a chilly fall night. A spicy pumpkin cream sauce meets pasta. Why didn't we think of this before?


Gin penne pasta

Gin Penne Pasta - This recipe is a nice variation of traditional vodka sauce with gin. Gin has a lot of herbal notes that makes for a fantastic pasta sauce!


All-in penne puttanesca


Whole grain penne pasta with greens & beans

A nourishing dish that'll save you on busy nights!


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