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Turkey, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich with video

Make an easy, high protein lunch or breakfast with this simple Turkey, Egg, and Cheese Bagel Sandwich recipe video. Lots of protein and carbs for energy.


Veggie bagel sandwich with homemade smoked salmon spread

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe Loaded bagel sandwich with crisp veggies and creamy smoky salmon spread is an easy way to enjoy homemade breakfast or lunch on the go. Combination of both flavors is just so addicting good. You’ll want to make this over and over again! I love the idea of an all veggie sandwich. It’s...Read More »


Vegan bagel sandwich with hummus & vegetables

This easy vegan bagel sandwich is topped with a generous schmear of hummus, crisp cucumber, onion, and bell pepper slices.


Turkey and sharp cheddar bagel sandwich with arugula, spinach, and tomatoes

I don't know about you but my kids are starving after school and I don't want them filling up on junk food so these sandwiches are a great option. I like making these turkey &


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