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Coconut-lime cupcakes

So when Sara and I discussed doing a week of tropical recipes, apparently that meant all things coconut. Really, this recipe is my brain spawn from June, the month of never-ending celebrations (remember that discussion?)

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Mango soufflés with coconut-lime crème anglaise

My mom's birthday and Mother's day always fall within a day or so of each other, and for her visit this year I wanted to create a really special dessert to serve. She is a huge fan of soufflés, so I was already thinking along those lines when I saw the call for best mango dish. The rest as they say, is delicious history. The sweet soufflé base is the standard one I've used for years, I just dreamed up a mango purée to add. The coconut crème is a slight rif on a Martha Stewart recipe (she doesn't use lime).


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