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Grilled bbq pulled pork pizza

How was everyone's Fourth of July? Did you party it up for the day or extend the festivities for the duration of the week like I did?  My family and I escaped to our home-away-from-home

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Grilled salmon with preserved meyer lemons

My dad and best friend came over for dinner the other night - our weekly "supper club." My dad brought some great fillets of salmon. Perusing through my refrigerator, I mentioned that I had a jar of preserved Meyer lemons that I had made months prior. My best friend had the genius idea of putting putting the two together! This is a simple, yet scrumptious dinner. Great with a side salad or some orzo and veggies.


Grilled salmon with peach and pickled onion salad

Chargrilled salmon fillets topped with a fresh peach, caper, and pickled shallot salad.


Grilled salmon with strawberry rhubarb salsa

What can I say, I had some rhubarb leftover from my last couple of posts, and HAD to find something to do with it! <br /> <br />That’s when the method of my madness usually consists of seeing what’s in the fridge and finding some inspiration there. Lo and behold, there was a gorgeous fillet of salmon taking residence in there, and I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. <br /> <br />We had just entertained guests over the weekend, and my friend Laurel brought mango salsa. I’m telling ya, we lapped that stuff up. Laurel also brought chips for dunking, but I seriously think we could have bellied up to the bowl with a giant straw and been just as happy. <br /> <br />Anyway, back to my standing in front of the fridge with the door hanging open (don’t tell S.O.!). I thought, why not try a strawberry rhubarb version? So I whipped up a batch, starting with a simple fruity/syrupy sauce, and added the usual salsa suspects: cilantro, jalapeño, lime, etc. Then, I slapped the salmon onto a cedar plank (one of my favorite ways to grill salmon) and served it for dinner. <br /> <br />The verdict? S.O. said it would make a nice dessert. <br /> <br />Huh? <br /> <br />Apparently I needed to add a bit more jalapeño and lime to balance out the whole flavor balancing ratio. Once I did, we were good to go: It’s got the sweet; it’s got the tang; it’s got a bit of a snappy thing going on, and it’s perfect for any grilled chicken or fish. <br />


Grilled salmon with green asian marinade

This is a great way to use the trimmed stems from your fresh cilantro. Fish sauce in the marinade indicates a Thai influence on this recipe.


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