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Triple chip blondies

So my son went back to school today. For all my talk about being ready for them to go back, I've gotta admit I'm sad (especially for my little monkey that starts kindergarten next week...I

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Triple coconut cocoa granola

This post is coming out a little later than I originally planned. Sorry. I have a reason for that. As some of you may or may not know, I am married to a teacher. It has its hardships; long hours, work at home, and let’s not skirt the issue, low pay. However, the benefits, such as summer vacation and snow/cold days make it so much fun. Last night, Mike and I kept refreshing our twitter feeds and the Chicago Public Schools website for any news of another cold day. It made me feel like a little kid again. When I was the lucky one to see the news of another day off, I couldn’t wait to tell Mike. I am not going to lie, I jumped up and down and then did a dance. We celebrated. Then Andy did a dance and applauded too! It was a great moment. The past two days we have been holed up in our house eating handfuls of this granola as snacks because we are all too cold to venture outside for more chips. Also the idea of sending Andy to the 7-11 down the block in a sled pulled by Weezer kind of …


Triple citrus bars

To be, or not to be? That is the question. But for real. That is the question of my blogging life right now. Should I be writing about kids, parenting, and family as much as I have been or should I just focus on food related material in my writing? I have been struggling with this even before Andy was born. My blog has always been about telling you funny stories from my life and then relating that story or memory to the recipe I created. Before Andy was born, I thought, “I don’t want this blog to become a mommy blog. I want it to still be a food blog.” Let me tell you, that is harder to separate these days. I loooooove boring you all with my weird stories from my day to day life and for the most part, I think you like hearing them. Now that I have Andy, most days and stories revolve around him. Not that I cannot come up with other things to talk about, just give me a second to wipe the baby spit up off my shirt and I will be able to get in the right head-space. I just worry …


Triple peanut butter swirl blondies

Are you one of those weirdo’s that eats peanut butter straight from the jar off of a spoon? Not that I am judging or anything. I love peanut butter a lot, but I have never been one of those people. Once again, not that there is anything wrong with that. One day, I had a hankering for some peanut butter. Instead of eating it right off a spoon, I whipped up a batch of super peanut buttery blondies. They totally hit the spot!  When Julia asked me to guest post for her while she was on vacation, I knew I had to share this peanut butter blondie recipe with her and her readers. The main reason I shared this recipe is that she is one of those lovely peanut butter off the spoon people. So, all you peanut butter fiends should head over to A Cedar Spoon to get this killer recipe.


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