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Silly cupcakes {for april fools!}

My grand plans for cooking over the weekend (in general, and for today's post) were thwarted by some vicious super-virus that has had me knocked flat on my back all weekend.  My husband was a

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Silly cow farms hot chocolate

A few weeks ago, Bryan and I were in Whole Foods Market. The Silly Cow Farms hot chocolate mix caught our eyes. The little clear milk bottles were filled with fine chocolate powder mix. They looked too cute and good. There were a few flavors: Chocolate Moo-usse, Truffle, Chocolate, Marshmallow Swirl. Bryan and I picked...Read More »


Silly good oatmeal cookies with golden raisins (flourless and vegan)

Setting out to make a classic baked good "a bit healthier" can be downright silly. I have been on the receiving AND giving end of those infamous black bean brownies and they are simply NOT as good as Moms, no matter how convincing your/my enthusiasm may be. In general, I'm a fan of calling a spade a spade. I let my eaters know up front that whatever I've just made is "healthy", therefore won't taste like the original, full-fat version they may be hoping for. Likewise, I let those friends who are always on a diet know that, indeed, the buttercream piled high on a cupcake that they just inhaled in two bites is exactly that--butter, cream, cake. :) <br />But THESE!!! These cookies are just about as good as it gets. I can honestly tell you I will never feel the need to make oatmeal cookies with obscene amounts of butter and heaps of sugar again. There is just no need! These are crunchy on the outside, chewy in the center, and every bit as good as Grandmas! No flour, no eggs, no butter and just a tad bit of sugar. Boom.


Silly citrus

These nummy little treats will be a hit with the kids!


Silly me

So I had to laugh at myself when I sat down to type up the blog post to correspond with the recipe for yesterday. As I sat there staring at my computer debating about what Cajun recipe to feature as part of Mardi Gras week I was so confused. For some reason I couldn’t figure out...Read More »


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Long-time readers of our blog will recognize this little number. Whenever the topic of favorite Best Bites recipes comes up, whether it be with friends, family, on-line forums, parenting boards, etc. Spicy Honey Chicken is


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After Sara's fruit salsa a few weeks ago, you should be well-acquainted with the idea of Choose Your Own Adventure cooking! What it REALLY is is getting to a point where you're comfortable enough in


Overnight cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon Rolls are a favorite in our house. We seem to always get the cravings on Sunday afternoons, so after church when we're all home being lazy, I'll often whip up a batch. There have


Diner-style french fries (and fry sauce)

There is something about diner food, or even the suggestion of diner food, that seems to have magical powers over people. One morning a few months ago, I was watching Gilmore Girls and Lorelai and