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Grilled vegetable salad with olive oil and feta

Dry grilled vegetables chopped and tossed with extra virgin olive oil and crumbled feta. A healthy, flavourful and satisfying summer side dish.  This post is sponsored by California Olive Ranch. Grilled vegetables are my crack.

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Dale talde's grilled scallops with xo-pineapple fried rice

Dale Talde, a competitor on both Top Chef Season 4 and Top Chef All-Stars, is an authority on Southeast Asian cuisine. His mother, a Filipino immigrant, ignited his passion for cooking, which he brings with him to his restaurants, Talde, Pork Slope, and Thistle Hill Tavern -- all located in Brooklyn. <br /> <br />This dish appeared during a Quickfire challenge in Episode 8 of the 4th season. Padma asks the chefs to create a polished entrée in only fifteen minutes using rice -- and this is what Dale came up with. (According to him, he had the advantage of being familiar with cooking high-speed, high-heat Asian food.) He was right: In the episode, Art Smith chooses Talde’s dish as one of his favorites. The crunchy long beans perfectly complement the fluffy texture that the eggs give the rice; it’s a complete, balanced dish, and one you should be making at home.


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In Tuscany we make these Crostones in winter when the Cavolo Nero is young. It's a way of using up stale bread and when Cavolo Nero grows in such quantities you don't know what to do with them. They do a great vegetarian first course or just a light dinner in itself. In the US you would use Black Cabbage or Tuscan Kale as I have found out on the internet.


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