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Chocolate-covered peanut butter graham crackers – low carb and gluten-free

Like your graham crackers with peanut butter or with chocolate? It's all here in these low carb chocolate-covered graham cracker and peanut butter sandwich cookies! Graham crackers are the ultimate snack food.  You might have

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This post is in partnership with Lionsgate. Hold on tight, everypony! My Little Pony: The Movie is blasting to theaters on October 6!  If you have a My Little Pony lover in your home, I have the perfect treat for you! Inspired by one of the Mane 6, Rainbow Dash, these Easy Chocolate-Covered Rainbow Pretzel Rods are sure to put some sweet magic in the night. Have you seen the trailer for this darling, adventurous movie? On October 6, friendship is magic! You can watch the trailer for My Little Pony: The Movie and join the littlest ponies on a BIG screen


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Less than two weeks until Passover begins! Time to start planning the Seder menu. So much of cooking for Passover is about making up for what we can’t have during the eight-day festival. Many Passover recipes, especially those for Passover desserts, claim to be “as good as” a regular dessert made with flour and leavening....Read More »


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These fun and delicious marbled chocolate-covered strawberries are made by dipping fresh strawberries into different colored candy melts.


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