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Dark chocolate: more versatile than you thought

What do you think of when I say the words "dark chocolate"? Do you think of rich desserts and decadent treats? Do you think of ribbons of melted chocolate drizzling down the sides of a

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Peppermint cupcakes with dark chocolate imperial stout ganache

You know that feeling when you haven't done something for a while and when you finally try to do it again it's like you've completely forgotten how. Take walking for example. You know how to


Dark chocolate chickpea cake brownies

Cake brownies; I'm sure that sounds puzzling. Or maybe the inclusion of chickpeas is what's baffling you more, but believe me when I say these are the most chocolatey and moist cake-y treats I've ever


Low carb dark chocolate

These low carb dark chocolate bites are inspired by my favorite French treats called mendiants, which are basically chocolate bites sprinkled with delicious toppings. They’re super easy to make with parchment paper, low carb chocolate ingredients and some of your favorite low carb foods as toppings (I’ll share my picks below!). They’re the most colorfully adorable way to enjoy a sweet treat — perfect for get togethers, holiday gifts and your own low carb desserts stash! I keep a baggie of this low carb dark chocolate in the freezer so I’m not tempted by sugar filled junk. Let’s do this


Baking with domino light sugar & stevia blend: dark chocolate cake

When it comes to sugar, I want it to be real real or come from a natural source. I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners and I avoid it as much as possible ... for a variety of


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Caramilk brownie bites

My sister and her husband came to visit a while ago, and very thoughtfully brought me a post-gestational-diabetes present - a large box of Cadbury's chocolate bars. I believe the box held 50 assorted bars,


Chocolate cherry breakfast bars (original recipe)

The dreaded school lunch. I don't quite know why this is, but making children's lunches for school is about as rewarding as making a beautiful gourmet dinner and then flushing it all down the toilet


Candy cane joe joe ice cream

"What the heck is a Candy Cane Joe Joe?", some of you may be asking. Ah, 'tis a sad business that not everyone in the world can know the pleasures of the Candy Cane Joe