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Victoria sponge cake

The classic and elegant Victoria Sponge Cake gets a low carb, gluten-free makeover. This healthy dessert is a must-make. Are you a Downton Abbey fan or do you think it's the Masterpiece Theater equivalent of a

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Victoria granof’s pasta con ceci

It’s astonishing how much comfort you can derive—fast—out of basic ingredients you’ve used a thousand times. Here are the keys: First, you need to use all of the olive oil—it gives the soup substance and body, carries the other flavors, and makes up for the fact that you’re making an otherwise austere soup without a rich stock. As Granof says, “It’s what’ll make you think you’re on a balcony in Naples when you eat this.” Second, cook the garlic in the oil until it’s actually browned a bit, not simply softened. This makes the flavor toasty and nutty, and not bitter, despite what nonna might say. You can leave this as soupy or stewy as you like. Granof makes it for her son once a week. "I used to give him Parmesan rinds to teethe on, and when he no longer needed to teethe, I started throwing them in this pasta." Adapted slightly from <a href=""><strong>Chickpeas</strong></a> by <a href=""><strong>Victoria Granof</strong></a> (Short Stack Editions, 2015).


Pg tips green tea victoria sandwich cake with summer berries

With the nation set for a right-royal knees-up this June, official sponsor of The Patron’s Lunch PG tips Green Tea has collaborated with former royal chef Carolyn Robb to create a selection of updated, iconic afternoon tea recipes – all with a green tea twist! <br />Inspired by the launch of the two new PG tips Green Tea flavours ‘Strawberry Cupcake’ and ‘Lemon Pie’, Carolyn has fused the nation’s two great loves - tea and cake - to help you celebrate 90 years of British heritage in style. The energising effect and refreshing taste of green tea make it the perfect ingredient to modernise staple British afternoon tea recipes, resulting in sumptuous treats fit for royalty. <br />After 11 years in the palace as executive chef to TRH Prince Charles and Princess Diana, as well as serving other members of the royal family, Carolyn is well equipped to offer a fresh take on these traditional recipes while adding a touch of ‘royal-tea’ to the classic bakes. <br />Why not try it for yourself? Join in the celebrations and try one of Carolyn’s and PG tips Green Tea’s royal recipes! <br />“The Victoria sandwich cake has a wonderfully regal heritage. It was originally made for Queen Victoria. During her incredible 66 year reign the concept of afternoon tea was created. It evolved and became a daily ritual and a very social event, with ladies dressing in their finery to gather for a cup of tea, and an array of tiny sandwiches, biscuits and cakes. <br />The addition of PG tips Green Tea to this very traditional cake gives it a lovely subtle flavour as well as making it beautifully moist. As soon as the cake comes out of the oven it is pierced all over and is drizzled with delicate green tea syrup.” <br />This recipe makes 2 x 8 inch (20cm) cakes <br />You will need: 2 x 8 inch (20cm) cake tin <br />1 piping bag with a small fluted nozzle <br />


Victoria sandwich cake

Classic victoria sponge layers filled with sweet buttercream and strawberry jam.


La victoria pineapple verde baked brie

Indulgently perfect as an appetizer at your holiday gatherings.


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