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Chocolate fudge crumb bars

Low carb and grain-free, these chocolate fudge crumb bars are my healthy answer to Starbucks' oatmeal fudge bars. A delicious keto recipes you won't want to miss.  Getting married is a really big deal. Even in this day

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Cute chocolate bunny filled with sixlets

Cute Chocolate Bunny Filled With Sixlets Ins't this guy adorable? He's all made out of chocolate will a hollow interior, perfect for filling him out with your child's favorite candy. Don't worry, making them is very easy! I will guide you with a step by step guide so you can see exactly how everything is made.  Your Easter celebration will look so pretty with a Cute Chocolate Bunny Filled With Sixlets. Now that you learn this technique, you can make any chocolate hollow shape you may like and fill it out with candy, treats or even little chocolate bom-boms inside.


Thick hot chocolate recipe

Thick Hot Chocolate Recipe Imagine it's a snowstorm outside, the chimney is on and your feet are cold. This Thick Hot Chocolate Recipe is all you need to warm yourself up and feel comforted. It's creamy, indulgent and oh so chocolaty. I know I live in Miami and we don't have snowstorms or chimneys here but I can certainly pretend . All I need is a good excuse and I am ready to sip. Don't confuse this hot chocolate with cocoa.. This is actually made with real chocolate, no powder stuff here. Haven't you noticed that people tend to put marshmallows and


Frosty chocolate milk

Kids don't need to be coaxed to drink their milk the way Monica Crandall, Battle Creek, Michigan, serves it. The dairy wife dresses it up with chocolate and strawberry syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles.


Nutty chocolate peanut clusters

I'm always amazed at just how simple these chocolatey nut clusters are to make. They're a great treat to bring out after holiday meals or for a party. — Christine Eilerts, Tulsa, Oklahoma


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A muffin recipe has to be really good to get my endorsement. When it comes to baked goods, I have an exacting palate, and I am very particular about my muffins. Too many so-called muffins


Caramilk brownie bites

My sister and her husband came to visit a while ago, and very thoughtfully brought me a post-gestational-diabetes present - a large box of Cadbury's chocolate bars. I believe the box held 50 assorted bars,


Chocolate cherry breakfast bars (original recipe)

The dreaded school lunch. I don't quite know why this is, but making children's lunches for school is about as rewarding as making a beautiful gourmet dinner and then flushing it all down the toilet


Candy cane joe joe ice cream

"What the heck is a Candy Cane Joe Joe?", some of you may be asking. Ah, 'tis a sad business that not everyone in the world can know the pleasures of the Candy Cane Joe