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Cauliflower croque monsieur

The French classic sandwich gets a low carb makeover! A grain-free cauliflower crust turns Croque Monsieur into a healthy dinner recipe. It always surprises me when, given the option of something savoury or something sweet,

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Crispy cauliflower tacos with mango salsa

Hello there, my new favorite taco. Also known as vegetarian fish tacos, if you'd rather. The crispy, white fleshed-cauliflower is a perfect replacement for the fish, when you can't find fresh fish or don't want to stink up your apartment or just don't feel like seafood. Cauliflower takes surprisingly well to the same toppings that you'd normally find on a fish taco, namely, bright and tangy mango salsa, freshly shredded red cabbage, creamy avocado, and a drizzle of Mexican crema (or, if you can't find crema, simply whisk a few tablespoons of milk into regular sour cream to thin it out. Think drizzle, not dollop). We made these a few times until we settled on the final method. We tried baked and fried and buttered and oiled, but ultimately found that a quick pan-fry in some olive oil gave the nicest flavor and crunch to the cauliflower. Still, a handful of panko breadcrumbs thrown in for good measure doens't hurt. It's the perfect amount of savory crunch for a taco (because, let's face


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