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The original skillet chocolate chip cookie recipe

This Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe starts with the original Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Accept no substitutes! Your favorite grain-free cookie dough baked into low carb skillet cookies, making one awesomely gooey keto dessert. Sugar-free and THM friendly. And a

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My Grandmother's box of recipes is a virtual treasure trove. I never have to look far for inspiration. I'm really hoping to post a photo, but with Christmas approaching, I've been a little kitchen slack lately and trying to catch up with everything. I do want to share her recipe though, because I remember these rolls as one of my all time favorites. Don't you just love Grandmothers? Bless her heart for her patience while trying her best to teach me about yeast during my "I've got better things to do" phase of life. It's at this time of year that I'm reminded of how much I miss her. Her kitchen wisdom was something else, entirely. The origins of her recipe, I'm not really sure, but here's what I do know, she was an adventurous cook and for the most part, self taught, so I'm heavily leaning towards her tinkering around with it until it worked. I often think on how her kitchen table was never once lacking for company or warmth. I like to think that I'm on the right path there. Update: I made them and they were as good as I remembered!! They had a crusty exterior and a melt in your mouth, buttery taste. Pictures are posted! - TiggyBee


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I have a mother who baked every day of my childhood & recited the mantra: “Baking is chemistry. You stick to the recipes.” However, if you ever cooked alongside her, you would see her changing things all the time, most commonly adding sour cream to everything. Challenge her & she’d say, “Well, that doesn’t count.” Apparently, if you don’t write down the changes, you haven’t officially changed anything. These lemon drops are the result of changes over generations, and I’m breaking the rules by writing them down. My mother is 83 years old & cooks with margarine – oleo, specifically. She was newly married when that product hit the shelves and she never looked back. I, however cook with butter, so that was my first change. I kept her sour cream addition – it makes these cookies more like little cakes. I amped up the lemon flavoring by combining fresh zest with extract. The final change came via my adult stepdaughter, who introduced me to the wonder of cream cheese frosting, which I started adding to all my recipes. OK, that’s an exaggeration; I don’t add it to soup. So, here’s the current incarnation of our family’s lemon drop cookies. However, in 10 more years, they’ll probably be a little different. Who knows what the grandchildren will change? By the way, I like small cookies & get 48 out of this recipe. My mother likes larger & gets 24. Either way, they’re delicious & they freeze beautifully.


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