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Neapolitan popsicles

Neapolitan ice cream gets a no-churn low-carb makeover! These healthy Neapolitan popsicles are a delicious keto summer treat with only 3g of carbs per serving. This post is sponsored by DairyPure via The Motherhood. You

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Authentic neapolitan cheese pizza (la vera pizza margherita) - campania

Pizza is popular all over the world with many variations. The Neapolitans have created designated pizza recipes which must be followed in order for a pizza to be genuinely called Pizza margherita (with tomato, mozzarella cheese, and basil) or Pizza alla marinara (with tomato and no cheese). The recipe requires that the pizza must be cooked in a wood oven, have rounded edges and that the dough must have no fat in it. Homemade pizza can be made relatively quickly with some advance planning. I typically make the pizza dough before I go out in the morning, come home and roll the dough balls and then about an hour before dinner time, I heat the oven and make the pizzas. <br />To see step-by-step illustrated instructions, please go to this page: <br />


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This Thin Crust Neapolitan Pizza Recipe is an amazing indulgence and as close to restaurant quality as you can get without a pizza oven!


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