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Gluten free creamy potato vegetable soup

Fresh herbs make this Gluten Free Creamy Potato Vegetable Soup a flavorful masterpiece. There's nothing like a creamy bowl of soup to warm the soul.

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David eyres pancake made gluten-free

It wasn't until Amanda Hesser resurrected David Eyre's Pancake here at food52, that I actually noticed it and realized how much I missed it. The pancake has few ingredients and is incredibly simply to make. I converted it to gluten-free by using my all purpose brown rice flour mix. It didn't need the xanthan gum. The original recipe warns against over-mixing, but you don't have to worry about that with gluten-free flour. I also added a quarter teaspoon pure vanilla extract to mask the lack of wheat and reduced the butter to three tablespoons from four (because after it making it several times, I found that I could get away with less). <br /> <br />The recipe calls for a squeeze of fresh lemon over the top of the pancake once you take it out of the oven. But sous chef boy (my 17 year old son, Bradford) didn’t like the lemon. I did. So you choose. <br /> <br />Oh yes, and one more thing. The original recipe says it serves 2 to 4. I think they were joking and that it should really read: Serves 2 normal people, 4 very small people who don’t like to eat, or 1 sous chef boy. <br />


Danish aebleskivers (round stuffed pancakes) gluten-free

This is a Gluten-Free recipe I've come up with for Aebleskivers but you can adapt this recipe by substituting regular wheat flour if desired. <br /> <br /> We discovered Danish Aebleskiver a few years ago when we were on a business trip to California. We had a few days off and took a side excursion to a small European community called Solvang in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley. <br /> <br />There we found a quaint Danish village filled with delightful shops filled with European porcelain, iron work, linens, nutcrackers, collectibles and of course Danish pastries. We enjoy exploring little shops and antique stores and this trip was no exception. In one of the stores I came across a Danish Aebleskiver pan. <br /> <br />Loving kitchen gadgets and tools the way I do I was captivated by the odd looking cast iron pan with the round indentations. <br /> <br />I’d never seen a pan like it nor had I ever heard of Danish Aebleskiver. I discovered it is a delicious round pancake ball that is a popular dessert treat and considered to be the signature dish of Denmark. <br /> <br />The story goes that a large group of battle weary hungry Vikings were returning to their ship and wanted to have one of their favorite foods from their homeland. Without any pans the only thing they had to cook on was their banged up and dented shields. The pancakes cooked in the hollows of the shields and formed little balls that are now called aebleskiver. <br /> <br />Aebleskiver batter is versatile. It can be sweet, filled with peach, raspberry or strawberry jam and topped with powdered sugar or savory and filled with sausage or cheese. <br />They can be made plain and topped with warm fruit syrup or filled with a peach or apple slice.Or you can be more creative and try adding chocolate chips or rolling in granulated sugar like donut holes or add green chilis and stuff with Monterey cheese. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />


Dairy-free & gluten-free creamy garlic roasted tomato rice pasta

Chef Ronnie Woo, host of Logo TV's new series Food to Get You Laid, provides unique twists to traditional dishes that make excellent additions to any menu. Chef Ronnie has prepared the ultimate gluten-free pasta plate that is just as easy to prepare as it is delicious – follow the steps below for this gluten-free treat! <br /> <br />Chef Ronnie cooks up some of his favorite dishes every Friday night at 9:30/8:30c on Logo TV. <br />


Creamy sweet italian chicken sausage gluten free pasta

This 6 ingredient gluten free pasta dish is packed with delicious sweet Italian chicken sausage, fresh zucchini, and a low cal cream sauce!


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