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Soft gingerbread sandwich cookies with lemon-creme filling

Did any of you catch us in this month's Parenting magazine?  I keep forgetting to tell you about it, so here it is: Pocket Protein, baby!  They wanted me to pick one item that I

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How to soften hard brown sugar

I am officially a crazy Spring cleaner. And I’m going to be honest, I’ve never really done Spring cleaning. I’ve always done Spring cleaning when I’ve moved from old apartment to new apartment, or when the disorganization got between me and finding something I wanted to wear. Spring cleaning has never been something I’ve done in, well, Spring. But this year, oh this year! I’ve really impressed myself. I’m doing Spring cleaning. And it’s actually kinda nice. It’s making me feel more in control of my life, like I have it together or something. I’ve started with the part of my house that gives me the most anxiety: my pantry (that’s actually just a gigantic cabinet). In the back, in the far corners of this beast, I found oh I dunno like five or six bags of dark brown sugar. All of them hard as a rock. Let me interrupt myself to say that I have no idea if you know how to soften brown sugar. You might be rolling your eyes when you see this post. I mean, does everyone know this is how you rehydrate brown sugar? Am I posting obvious advice? Is this going to be useful? …


Soft pumpkin sandwich cookies

Hi there! I have a request. Actually…it’s more like a favor. I know this weekend you probably have some important things to do like errands or laundry or studying or organizing some closet you’ve been putting off. I think you should blow it off. Yes, I’m telling you to be irresponsible. Here’s the thing: we work too much, we run too many errands, we have too many to-do lists. Me included. But sometimes we have to put our foot down and choose fun. We gotta show our responsibilities who’s in charge in this relationship. And guess what…you are. So I say choose fun. Just this once. There are simply too many parks to visit, meals to share, books to quietly read, new friends to meet…and memories to make. There’s too much life to live. Laundry can wait. It’ll get done…sometime. And that bill that needs to get paid…it can wait, too. Nothing that bad will happen. Sure you’re lights might turn off…but how fun would it be to have dinner by candlelight?! Mainly, I just want you to take a break in your busy lives and make these cookies. Aaaannnd I like advocating rebelliousness. Because sometimes it’s fun. Can I …


Soft pretzel tots

There’s this game…not sure if you’ve heard of it…but it seriously is all consuming. Like, it swallows people for like 4 months out of the year. They join fantasy leagues. (We’ll get back to that in a second…) They scream at the television. Become depressed if their teams loses. Wear pieces of cheese on their heads. Stand in negative 30-degree temperatures… It’s called football. You’re familiar with this, right?! And fantasy leagues…really, boyz?! Really?! When I finally had the mental energy to pay attention to the explanation I got one of my dude friends, I was totally disappointed. I mean, statistics…off of how players play. UGH! Snoozefest, USA. I do like boyz, though. And boyz like football so I guess by proxy I like football, too. And I dig football food, obvi. Wings and celery and cheese sticks and nacho cheese and chips and snacks!! I can get down. Enter…pretzel tots… HOLD THE PHONE!! Are soft pretzels baseball food?! Ugh…don’t answer that…whatevsies…let’s just go with it. These pretzel tots are pretty awesome. Remember when I made Churro Tots?! These are the savory version. Sorta. They start from a pretty simple dough with some yeast and flour and butter and a …


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