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Crab cakes with cajun mayo – low carb and gluten-free

These low carb crab cakes have all the flavor of traditional crab cakes, with only 4 g of net carbs per serving.  Serve with a spicy Cajun Mayo for an extra kick of flavor. I

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Soft shell crab sandwich

Plenty of requests for seafood this past weekend there was more than plenty, seafood something every night. No complaints from me, isn't that why I live where I do, for the fresh seafood? <br /> <br />Platters of crab cakes and soft shell crabs one night, squirts of lemon and dips of tartar sauce reminded me of a version that I made for the Cook the Issue Challenge at Fine Cooking last year, using their recipe for the most part as it is pretty much what I do anyway. I don’t do much measuring for my recipe though, but made it as is from the issue for the challenge. I've posted the link to the exact recipe or you can just use your favorite tartar sauce recipe and coating mix for the crabs. I also like remoulade on the toasted bread. <br /> <br />Smaller crabs for the sandwich that's why the sandwich looks so full and dusted in the basic cornmeal and flour, dressed with a tangy tartar sauce, fresh tomatoes and lettuce from the there anything else that says summer in NC? <br /> <br />FC link: <br />


Crabby old bay green bean casserole

Lump crab meat and Old Bay Seasoning lend an Eastern Shore flavor to your favorite green bean casserole, perfect for any Thanksgiving table, no matter how far...


Mini crab cakes

Everybody likes "mini" foods. They don't require utensils, and many times even plates. You have your own personal portion and do not have to share. And, best of all, (for those with a bit of OCD,) no one else touches it but you! That said, who actually likes the tedious work involved in producing enough of tiny portions to feed a group of hungry guests? Actually, I do. But even though, I try to find foolproof recipes with at least some make ahead components to make the process just a little more enjoyable. These delectable little bites fit the bill and are so yummy that even non-seafood lovers are hooked. It is not necessary to form the crust into cups. Just press it in a bit and top with the filling. As it bakes it combines to make a solid cup that easily comes out of the pan. Purchasing lump or claw crab that is already picked is pricy, but easy. Feel free to pick your own crab out of the shell, I do sometimes.


Asparagus, crab and pepper timbale with toasted spiced pepitas

This recipe incorporates asparagus as a major component and but is definitely not all about asparagus as it shares the stage with a crab and shrimp mixture and sauteed peppers and onions. This is a great brunch, starter or lunch dish on lightly dressed baby greens, as the peppers and crab mixture can all be done well ahead for entertaining, as it all gets warmed up in the timbale anyway when you roast the asparagus. For brunch, I top this with a poached or fried egg, and include a picture of it but it tends to hide the beautiful asparagus top and so didn't use it as the main picture. There's a little spice here, but not much (unless you choose to pump it up a bit), and it gets balanced with cilantro and lime juice. I chose to place them on fried corn tortillas since I made these for dinner last night and we wanted something a little heftier. Note: for the timbale, I used metal rings about 3" high.


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My sister and her husband came to visit a while ago, and very thoughtfully brought me a post-gestational-diabetes present - a large box of Cadbury's chocolate bars. I believe the box held 50 assorted bars,


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Candy cane joe joe ice cream

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