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African adventures pt.3 zanzibar – wildlife and sightseeing

Zanzibar - wildlife and sightseeing was next on our itinerary. Zanzibar island, situated approximately 25 km off the mainland coast of Africa is home to the red colobus monkey as well a thriving spice trade and


African adventures pt.4 zanzibar spice tour and final days

You can't go to Zanzibar without going on a Zanzibar spice tour like we did during our final days spent on the beautiful island. Spices, in particular cloves, account for nearly half of Zanzibar's GDP.


Mkate wa ufuta | zanzibar sesame bread

This mkate wa ufuta recipe, or Zanzibar sesame bread, calls for coconut milk, flour, sesame seeds, and not a lot else. Just pantry staples.


The hirshon zanzibar beef pilau

The Hirshon Zanzibar Beef Pilau - Recipe


Zanzibari fish soup

<br /> <br />This recipe is based on a soup of like name served to me at a lovely outdoor restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya in August, 2016. I amended it to add shrimp and mussels, for more texture and flavor, but the soup can be prepared with a just a firm white fish as well. Simply adjust the cooking time as appropriate. The flavors are subtle and rich.

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