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Beer and sausage skillet – do you like one skillet meals that really help stretch your budget?

Ever looking for a tasty way to stretch sausage? This recipe is up to that task. When done serve this up with hot noodles, rice, or spaghetti. If you don't like hot sausage, you can


Cafe terra cotta creamy oaxacan sweet onion soup – if you like french onion soup, give this southwestern flavored dish a try.

This is a spicy and unique onion soup recipe with southwest flavor.  This soup is loaded with flavors; sherry, cheese, peppers, chilies, and so much more.  Cafe Terra Cotta Cram Oaxacan Sweet Onion Soup


Chicken as you like it

Chicken bathed in tangy onion sauce and topped with mushrooms and tomatoes.


Do you like cornbread with buttermilk?

How many of you remember crumbling up cornbread into a glass of sweet milk and eating it with a spoon after supper? This was a special treat we ALWAYS did when spending the night with my grandparents, only they used buttermilk. If you ever find yourself wondering why folks call whole milk “sweet milk” just […]


Ice cream cake (anyway you like it!)

A chocolate cookie crust gets layered with swirls of creamy ice cream and a thick layer of soft fudge. It’s possibly one of the easiest cakes ever!


If you like it then you should have put an egg on it…| a brunch time recipe

My husband has some solid beliefs when it comes to food.  His philosophy is strongly sandwich-based.  He believes that everything can be made into a sandwich. This has become such a thing


If you like pina coladas…

If You Like Pina Coladas... and who doesn't? This classic pina colada recipe is everything you want in an icy tropical drink! Don't forget the garnish!


If you’re gluten free and/or you like cooking with baking mix, here’s the book for you

  My friend Lynn of Lynn's Kitchen Adventures has a new ebook out.  I've had a chance to look through The Gluten-Free Baking Mix Cookbook and I think you're going to love it. Lynn's recipes


Meals in minutes & sweet & nutty salad, any way you like

The other day Mike and I were talking about post ideas for my blog when he came up with a fantastic suggestion.  I was telling him that a lot of my recipes are pretty long


Oatmeal – how do you like to eat it?

Do you like oatmeal? Does your family eat oatmeal? We are a house divided. Most of us like oatmeal fine, although one young boy is not fond of it at all. He loves it baked


Sifted words — would you like to tablespoon with me?

Hello friend! I must apologize most sincerely for my recent absence on this technological channel of conversation through which we’ve been keeping in touch. But I promise you I haven’t been sitting on my hands these past few days, oh no (except for that one day, when the husband and I watched “Ben Hur” and …


Soggy dollar bar painkiller – if you like fruity drinks you will enjoy this one.

The Soggy Dollar Bar Painkiller drink got its name from everyone coming up from the beach to the bar with their soggy dollars, this is somewhat like a pina colada without the work. Soggy Dollar


Sweet muffins – you can add different fruits to these if you like

Source Judy Eynard. Topeka, KS. 1975.

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