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with grapefruit curd

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Gluten free grapefruit cake with grapefruit curd

Calling all citrus lovers with this Gluten Free Grapefruit Cake with Grapefruit Curd and Citrus Buttercream! This cake takes citrus to a whole new level with grapefruit buttercream and fresh grapefruit curd.


Loosey-goosey yogurt panna cotta with grapefruit curd

Panna cotta is serious. Most people don’t exactly love panna cotta. And I get it. I do. Shitty panna cotta is super stiff and gelatinous, in the worse way possible. Good panna cotta melts once it hits your tongue. I’ve had numerous terrible panna cottas served to me over the years. Most have been at mediocre restaurants where you leave feeling like you overpaid, even though the prices aren’t necessarily astronomical. Isn’t that the worst? There’s a recent article (what timing!) on Bon Appetit’s all about panna cotta and whether it’s a legit dessert. Some of the points dismissing it are valid. I think many times it’s this throwaway dessert; an item restaurants—that are without a pastry chef—can slap on the menu by simply adding it their prep cook’s laundry list of to-dos because, it’s panna cotta, and everybody can make it. The problem is, most people can’t execute panna cotta correctly. They don’t do it with a soft enough hand; they don’t flirt with the line of it not firming up. That tight rope is a tough one to walk, but it must be done, because if it isn’t then all you’ll be left with is stiff, shitty panna …


Fried donuts with grapefruit curd

Super easy recipe for fried donuts with a crisp, sugary outside and soft, fluffy centre and a divinely sweet grapefruit curd filling!


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