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10 best vegan curry recipes that will never fail you

Are you craving a big bowl of good ol' curry? In this list, you will find 10 of my all-time favorite vegan curry recipes that anyone can make!


I will never forget

This post seems trivial and meaningless as I read over it. I wasn’t in New York on Sept. 11 and I don’t directly know anyone who passed away on that day, but I wanted to share my heart a bit with you today and I’d like you to share your heart with me in the […]


Make a cranberry glazed ham your family will never forget

Sweet + savory, Cranberry Glazed Ham brings all my favorite holiday flavors into one stunning main dish. Cranberry sauce, brown sugar, fresh oranges + more.


Mu shu vegetables, vegan but your friends will never know!

Awww, Chinese food! I probably ate more Americanized Chinese as a kid then at home, so for me Chinese take-out or eat in is total comfort food. My mom worked at a restaurant called “China Nite” in my hometown, and even though it had been decades since she worked there, we would eat there often. It has since been knocked down, and the giant Hoi Toi statue is sitting in a junk pile somewhere. After “Nite” closed, we started to venture out to other local options, one being “Golden Dynasty”, in high school my bestie Holly and myself would go there for hot and sour soup and Mu shu pork. Mu shu is my favorite order and I have had it many places, a great veggie option as it is full of flavor and super easy to recreate at home. So I am going to share my no fail, easy, plant based version of this comfort classic.


The cream cheese frosting you will never forget

This is my


The rib sandwich you will never be able to buy at mcdonalds

Vivian tried to flush more paper down the toilet than it could handle. She flushed the clogged toilet repeatedly before she started panicking at the water running over the porcelain rim and unbenounced to her running down the downstairs walls. When she started screaming she was so panicked I thought she cut her legs off. I ran up the stairs three stairs at a time. I was not mad but my heart was racing. Lynnie is all two-year-old. My day is mostly spent following her around trying not to continually tell her ”no” as she touches everything in the house three times or more and climbs up the cabinets just as much. One of the dogs was bleeding profusely and needed to be stitched. It is not easy to wrestle a hundred pound black lab into submission. Shortly there after he helped himself to a chicken dinner killing a prize rooster. All the while I have had this notion all week about creating a recipe of depth, richness and spice. One where the words Marlon Brando, Pocahontas and me kept running through my head in a way that made me want to title my recipe Sacred Cow and Java Java Sauce. Repeatedly the sacrificial scene of Apocolypse Now has been looping leaving an indelible visual tattoo of a slaughtered cow in my brain. Michael Pollen is the stand in for Dennis Hopper and he continually tells me what he thinks I need to know and I am grateful when Kurtz (Brando) runs him off. I realized my ribs were not going to come true. That is when I wondered if anyone ever considered the fact that not all that long ago most native peoples were nomadic. Did Pocahontas eat seasonally or did her tribe migrate to warmer climates eating the same foods again that were readily available once more because of the move to warmer ground? Me, I finally threw my hands up in mental frustration and said," enough." I wasn’t going there. I am just not that smart. I am more of just a musings kind of guy, an observer. So I hugged both my girls and read them a book while they snuggled in against my sides making me feel just like a McRib. - thirschfeld


Tofu will never pass as a hard boiled egg + curry roasted cauliflower

Eating a whole food plant based way is a lifestyle, not a diet. There are twists and turns and bumps and obstacles along the way + curry roasted cauliflower

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