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Lemony white asparagus piccata

The zip of the lemon, the salt of the capers and the tender crisp stalks of white asparagus.  It's time to switch up your usual vanilla version of asparagus.  Let's do it with Lemon White


White asparagus with creamy polenta

... a classic German recipe with an italian twist...


White asparagus soup

A delicate and velvety soup, to enjoy the asparagus season.


White asparagus a la moutarde

This is a twist on a recipe by my mom, which has been making this for years and passed it along. The nice thing is that it is really flexible. <br />I'm unsure of what cheese she used, but I use gruyere and it makes it oh so delicious. and you can substitute dijon mustard but I leave it out because I dont really like dijon. AND, you can do this recipe with green asparagus but I prefer white.


Eggs strapazzate del giardino with white asparagus

This garden scramble of eggs with white asparagus, onion, bell pepper, and lots of Parmesan cheese makes a great Italian-style brunch dish.


White as snow white chocolate raspberry creamer

My new found love is raw cocoa butter, better known as unsweetened white chocolate. Buy it just to open the jar and smell it - it is very aromatic. Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants and fatty stearic acid. These have been found to lower your cholesterol and raise metabolism! Cheers to that!


White asparagus and leek flan

Okay, I've been avoiding the white asparagus because I'd never cooked them before.   I remember the Ambassador's wife, Claire,  in Niger bringing these from France for a special dinner that included a white chocolate mousse.    She had a great cook and I guess I thought the white asparagus would be beyond my skills.…


White asparagus with hardboiled egg & fontina fondue

After I made White Asparagus Risotto Cakes last week I was lucky enough to have some leftover white asparagus in my fridge.  I was planning to simply cook the asparagus and make a hollandaise sauce


White asparagus soup



White asparagus salad

This white asparagus salad is made with red, yellow, and green peppers, shallot, hard-boiled, egg, and capers. Perfect quick lunch recipe.


White asparagus soup with pistachios

Lesser-known white asparagus takes center stage in this easy soup.


White asparagus with herby sabayon sauce

This easy white asparagus recipe is topped with a dairy-free sabayon sauce made with olive oil - a healthy version of hollandaise sauce!


Spargel in schinken (white asparagus wrapped in ham)

White asparagus spears are wrapped in ham slices and drizzled with butter in this easy German recipe that showcases their natural sweetness.


White asparagus with oranges and olives

White asparagus and orange slices are tossed in a sherry dressing. Block olive oil is drizzled on top. The white asparagus and oranges lend a fresh taste.


White asparagus with vanilla beurre blanc

Years ago, at an otherwise unmemorable restaurant in Paris, my parents and I ate a dish of white asparagus in a vanilla sauce. The delicacy of the white asparagus was perfectly complemented by the vanilla, and the whole plate was something that lingered in our memories. My mother has been trying to recreate that dish for the past ten years, and this is her version. White asparagus is more delicately flavored but tends to be woodier than green asparagus. It also takes longer to cook.


White asparagus with black garlic vinaigrette

White asparagus has a nice mild sweetness that is enhanced by the black garlic. Black garlic is garlic that has been aged and fermented. It is soft and sweet but still has a garlicky flavor.


Roasted white asparagus with herbes de provence

White asparagus is brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with herbes de Provence, and roasted until golden in this quick side dish recipe.


White asparagus risotto cakes with scallion pistou

When Natasha of 5 Star Foodie and Lazaro of Lazaro Cooks! announced that April’s 5 Star Makeover theme ingredient was white asparagus, my mind began racing with all the ideas of what to make.  I


White asparagus and tofu recipe

This is the vegetarian meal I usually make when there is no fresh produce left in my refrigerator. I had lots of errands today and grocery shopping


White asparagus salad recipe (goi mang)

Traditional Vietnamese cooking is widely known for its healthy properties and for the freshness of the ingredients. The food is simply prepared with

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