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waffles with brown

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Blueberry belgian waffles with brown sugar bacon

Baby steps. Three days away from this site has left me feeling disconnected. From my blog. From food. From you. I falsely believed absence made the heart grow fonder. Instead, each passing day made it easier for me to stay away. I even wondered what would happen if I never came back? What would I…do?...Read More


Foodie fridays: blueberry waffles with brown sugar streusel and blueberry syrup

Raise your hand if you are ready for the loooooooong holiday weekend? <Ooooh! Ooh! Raises both hands!> What is it about having an extra day off that makes the world seem brighter? More magical? It’s like the Universe knows and assembles a meeting with mythological creatures and says, “Fellas, we are going to need all […]


Sweet potato waffles with brown sugar frosting

These waffles are so full of protein and fiber! They are a great way to start your day. You can use gluten free flour to make a no gluten version as well.

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