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Toasted apple-pecan brie sandwiches

I came up with this recipe one night for dinner and my husband and family loved it and it has become a regular for us. The combination of spiced apples and brie cheese is amazing. Great served with a spring lettuce salad. You can also make this as an appetizer by using a baguette loaf instead of sourdough slices.


Blood orange vegan jelly with toasted almond sorbet

Naturally, sweet blood orange vegan jelly is topped with a toasted almond milk sorbet. An adult take on the childhood favourite, ice cream and jelly.


Strawberry & toasted almonds overnight grains

Made with steel-cut oats, quinoa, chia seeds, and coconut milk, vegan make-ahead breakfast is utterly creamy and wonderfully hearty. Inspired by Starbucks' recent menu item of the same name.


Crispy toasted almond snack bars

I do not know about your kids but when mine come home from school they usually ask for a snack. Snacks before dinner are tricky; too much and they don'€™t eat dinner, too little and they complain that they are STARVING until dinners ready. I always try to offer them something healthy (which they usually accept without complaint) but sometimes even I know that baby carrots just will not cut it. Sometimes a snack needs to be healthy, but seem like a treat. Hello homemade snack bars.


Crunchy quinoa, toasted almond and dark chocolate brown butter granola.

Longest recipe name ever. But I couldn’t leave one thing out. See, I’m all about the trendy quinoa because, uh, it’s… trendy. It also is my excuse for calling something with brown butter and chocolate healthy. I can’t get enough of these honey roasted almonds from Trader Joe’s. I know I mentioned it on Wednesday […]


Garlic butter green beans with toasted almonds recipe

These Garlic Butter Green Beans with Toasted Almonds are the easiest, tastiest side dish that your whole family will LOVE!


Salted butter toffee popcorn with dark chocolate and toasted almonds

Sometimes I get a recipe stuck in my head. For example, those Tuna Cakes I posted last time? Yeah…I’ve been eating them for lunch for two weeks straight. (Part of the reason is because they’re


Easy toasted almonds recipe

These easy Toasted Almonds are the perfect healthy snack for on the go, or add them to desserts and salads for extra crunch and flavor.


Honey dijon asparagus with goat cheese and toasted almonds

It's a requirement that each bite of this super tasty roasted asparagus includes honey Dijon sauce, a bit of goat cheese and toasted almonds.


Eggplant with tomato compote, toasted almonds, & fresh mint

Normally as summer winds down I start to hoard summer vegetables. Cucumbers get pickled, tomatoes get stewed (for beautiful things like creamy tomato soup in the middle of winter), and zucchinis get baked. (By the


Biscoff toasted almond ice cream

Creamy, rich and full of cookie goodness flavor, this dessert is filled with toasty slivers of almonds.


Cinnamon plum baked oatmeal with toasted almonds

Delicious, hearty and satisfying cinnamon plum baked oatmeal with toasted almonds.


Smoky roasted garlic cauliflower “rice” with toasted almonds {paleo}

Paleo Smoky Roasted Garlic Cauliflower “Rice” with Toasted Almonds is a delicious grain-free side dish that comes together easily and pairs well with any number of things. My husband is a real meat and potatoes


Jeweled kamut w/ blood orange + toasted almonds


Toasted almond butternut squash soup

A recipe for Toasted Almond Butternut Squash Soup.


Toasted almond and coconut blondies

You know you have a hit when “everyone” who tries this says “OMG (insert something biblical or not), so good!” This is a variation on a standard Blondie recipe which combines two of my favorite ing…


Cinnamon and toasted almond dulce de leche cheesecake popsicles

Cinnamon and Toasted Almond Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Popsicles are rich and creamy and perfect for cooling down with on a hot day. And bonus, they’re low-carb! When the weather heats up enough to necessitate


Toasted almond ice cream

This toasted almond ice cream is full of almond flavor from almond extract and chopped toasted almonds. It's my summertime favorite!


Brussels sprouts with toasted almonds

Simple and delicious Brussels sprouts recipe! Lightly steamed or boiled Brussels sprouts, mixed with sautéed onions, butter, and toasted almonds. It's how to cook Brussels sprouts to bring out their best flavor!


Beet and cucumber salad with toasted almond salsa verde

In spring, when the last beets are ready for harvest and the first cucumbers are coming into season, we like to serve them together with this delicious toasted almond salsa verde with a great bite. At the Rome Sustainable Food Project we prefer to “broast” (rather than boil or roast) our beets in a particular way I learned at Chez Panisse, and then marinate them in vinegar, which highlights their sweet and earthy taste and their firm yet yielding texture. This dish can be prepared largely in advance and quickly assembled if you have roasted beets and salted toasted almonds on hand.


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