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to poblano

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Keto poblano pepper poppers recipe

These Keto Poblano Pepper Poppers are an interesting twist to the Jalapeno Popper appetizer, but with the intriguing flavor profile of the Poblano pepper.


Sweet potato poblano enchiladas

Sweet Potato Poblano Enchiladas with Salsa Verde Black beans, sweet potatoes, and roasted poblano chilies rolled into corn tortillas and topped with salsa verde and Mexican cheeses.  My husband declared these the best enchiladas he's ever had. This is a bold statement because enchiladas are a big deal in our home. Plus, these are vegetarian enchiladas with no meat and he still raved about them. We are on to something here. These Black Bean Sweet Potato Poblano Enchiladas are made with sweet potatoes, roasted poblanos, red onion, black beans, and Mexican spices. The filling is rolled into soft corn tortillas,


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