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Enter to win a chance to meet chef duff (a&p stores)

I usually never post contests because the chances to win are always so remote.  And I usually never post contests that require more than minimal effort…but this is Chef Duff of Ace of Cakes!  Ace of Cakes!!!!!  Perhaps one of my favorite shows on the air! Anyway, here's the skinny: A & P Supermarkets has...Read More »


Learn all about nigella lawson’s favorite food ever (plus, sign up to meet her in nyc)

We sat down with British cookbook author and television host Nigella Lawson about her love of food, cooking, and the inspiration behind her new cookbook, At My Table.


Nice to meet ya, hellofresh!

Advertisement Feature. In this post I’ll answer: How does HelloFresh work? Are the ingredients really fresh? Are the portions generous or skimpy? Are the recipes family friendly? Is this a good service for people who already cook regularly? Do I have to know how to cook? Last week, we had our first HelloFresh meal delivery. […]


Pin’inspiratinal thursday and a friend to meet


Tomato basil risotto meets the lasagna roll

I made up this recipe the day after I made a massive batch of my Tomato Basil Risotto with Homemade Ricotta. I also had leftover homemade ricotta and wanted to do something with both other than just eat the same thing two nights in a row. A great skill of mine is using leftovers in unique, sometimes crazy ways. Rarely does anything go unused in my refrigerator! So after thinking for about 5 seconds, I had a wickedly great idea and I texted my husband to say, “We are making lasagna rolls for dinner and stuffing them with the lefty risotto.” He texted me back, “OH MY GOD.” And thus, another favorite recipe was born. I will say, this recipe works best over 2 days, making the risotto one night and the lasagna rolls the next night with the leftovers. I didn't even add in my recipe for homemade ricotta (which is fantastic but not worth the extra time if you're making this on a single day!) Labor intensive? Yes. Worth it? SO MUCH YES!

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