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Banana crumb cake (and the name of my home)

If you enjoy Southern Plate, please tell a friend! This is the second tutorial photographed at my new home. I just love photographing things in the sun room. Yesterday I opened a few windows out there and had the most wonderfully scented early summer breeze flowing through as I prepared this cake and later worked […]


Public service announcement (in the name of transparency)

Maple Pecan SconesSo my friends, I have reached a decision and it was a remarkably easy decision at which to arrive.  I wanted to share that decision with you, because transparency in blogging, particularly in


Restaurant style chicken nuggets – these were so good, we were asked to remove the name of where these were from.

Sometimes we make excellent copy cat recipes, sometimes they are too close to the original restaurant.  These chicken nuggets were a large hit of ours.  So much so, the restaurant noticed and set us notification


What’s the name of your autobiography?

We played some fun road games with the Southern Plate Family on Facebook while I was on my little road trip to film at Miss Paula’s house. One that I particular enjoyed was “Name your Autobiography” and so I thought I’d bring it over here to and let you see the folks responses to […]

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