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Cookie bar nyc & the illustrious dorie greenspan

Friday was the final day of 5 days at Cookie Bar inside Mizu Salon on Park Avenue, a pop-up cookie boutique chock full of phenomenal cookies. I found myself lucky enough to not only possess some of the last few


The illegally good kefir asparagus dip

Ready for picnics? Ready for Gourmet Picnics? <br />One homemade dish can totally change the accent of your dejeuner sur l'herbe! <br />Buy fresh, wonderfully green asparagus, find a jar and fill it with a delicious dip. <br />Add freshly baked bread, cheese, strawberries and a bottle of white wine. <br />Your picnic is ready to go!


The illusive “balance” – doomed to fail?

I had a morning. And by morning I mean a pre-8am breakdown that made me question once again if I'm doing everything wrong. Made me feel like a generally crappy, scattered, and selfish mom. Because

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