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10 tips for the easiest ever slow cooked caramel sauce

The easiest ever slow cooker caramel sauce. Made in a crockpot, this condensed milk caramel sauce is perfectly smooth, not grainy and delicious!

15 foods that will give you the energy boost you need

Fuel your body with these healthy whole foods.

18 more days until the end of the bread contest

The Pham Fatale Bread Contest is in full swing, so submit your bread recipe today. The winner will get a ($179 value) Super Bread bread knife from Ne

7 vegan ice cream recipes you need to try before the end of summer

7 completely swoon-worthy vegan ice cream recipes from some of our favorite food bloggers.

Almond croissants (the easy way)

Almond croissants are the ultimate sweet breakfast for lazy days. Ready in no time, they come out fresh from the oven directly to your table.

Almond kamut granola + the easy vegetarian kitchen

I’m about a day late to my own party, but when one is pushing 9 months pregnant, I think anything is allowed. Yesterday was the official launch date of The Easy Vegetarian Kitchen and I couldn’t be more excited to get this book into your hands (or mo...

Apple butter the easy way

Apples, maple syrup and cinnamon are microwaved, then pureed, for quick and easy apple butter that's great on any fresh baked good, or sandwich.

Baked balsamic salmon with asparagus (the easiest fancy dinner)

The easiest fancy dinner you will ever make! Baked balsamic salmon with asparagus, spinach, and pesto comes together so quick and tastes like restaurant meal. 

Baked stuffed artichokes the easy way

Oh these are so yummy. All the flavor from my grandmother's recipe without all the work of trimming whole artichokes! They go with everything. Easy and delicious!

Banana peanut butter cheesecake aka "the elvis"

A cheesecake with the irresistible flavors of peanut butter and bananas would be a great dessert for celebrating Elvis's birthday this year. Garnish sides of cake with toasted coconut and top with a simple ganache if desired.