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2010: the year that was…..

As the final hours of 2010 draw to a close, I am sitting down for the first time and really thinking about the year that was 2010. I kicked off the year by heading to New York City with some local blogging friends to attend the Martha Stewart show about blogging.  We spent a fun...Read More »


Chocolate orange tofu mousse & summing up a year that was!

Late last year (2014) when I was going through the different categories of recipes that I had on the blog I realised that I didn’t have too many in the ‘Dessert/Sweet dish‘ category. Neither did I have too many in the ‘Hor D’oeuvres/Starters/Appetizers‘ section. I decided that I must learn to make some of these...


Momofuku brussels sprouts with kimchi and bacon {recipe} – le lapin that was 2011

Not only did I just brush my teeth, but I flossed. And not only did I floss, but I flossed with all that sudsy toothpaste in my mouth to get those scrubbing bubbles between my teeth … While this may […]


The best of 2016: the year that was

This is the best of 2016 - these were the 10 most popular posts on The Crumby Cupcake this year. This is what you guys were hungry for, apparently.


The steak that wasn’t & gingered snow peas and carrots

How in the world do you mess up steak? It really can’t be done unless you over cook it, right? Well, that’s what I thought until the other night. You see, I made what was destined to be a simple


Well that was funny…

I had a lovely little gift for Brady’s fifth grade teacher and it was wrapped so pretty and nice. As he started to get ready to go to school, though, his hands were full with other things and so I went into the pantry and grabbed the first bag I came to that had handles […]


Well, that was tasty: avocado mozzarella tomato chicken

Hey, this was pretty good and pretty easy — recommended! Tonight I made this Avocado Mozzarella Chicken recipe from Iowa Girl Eats. She used pre-made bruschetta sauce in hers, but instead I roasted up 3 cups of cherry tomatoes from the garden, halved, with some minced garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little freshView Post


Wow, that was an intensive interview!

A lot of folks have asked me how my life is changed and what it is like for me right now. Today I finished an interview for a magazine and the writer asked some pretty intensive questions. In answering them, I realized that there are a lot of things I haven’t talked with you about […]

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