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Lasagna that is to die for

BECHAMEL Sauce: 0.25 gallon milk 4 tablespoons real butter (1/2 stick) 4 tablespoons Flour 0.25 teaspoon Salt 0.125 teaspoon nutmeg Sauce: 1 lb ground beef or ground veal or ground venison 2 large onions (chopped) 2 stalks celery (small dices) 2 large carrots (small dices) 2 garlic cloves 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 0.25 cup merlot (optional) 0.5 teaspoon thyme 1 teaspoon Basil 2 teaspoon Salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper 0.25 teaspoon oregano 2 cans crushed roma tomatoes (28 oz each) 1 can crushed tomatoes (14.5 oz) 1 can tomato sauce (15 oz) 1 box barilla lasagna sheets 1 1/4 lb low moisture part-skim mozzarella cheese 1 cup Parmesan cheese


How to pickle pickles (refrigerator pickles that is)

This is a recipe for quick dill pickles. It's ready after sitting overnight. The resulting cucumber is lower sodium and retains it's crispness


Watermelon salad (w/ queso fresco & pickled onion)…that isn’t basic

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but watermelon salad is the new kale salad. It’s everywhere. So, here I am being a super basic b providing another iteration, but one that, in my humble opinion, is superior to the others. Or at least slightly different. There’s no feta or balsamic vinegar or parsley. Instead there’s shaved queso fresco, pickled red onion, lots of cilantro, slice of jalapeño and a bunch of lime juice. It’s a refreshing punch in the face during the most hot time in our year. These are officially the dog days of summer. Days have been slow in my corner. I’m not that busy. Or as busy as I’m used to being. But that’s ok because it’s a nice slow down before a crazy hectic fall and holiday season. While summer is usually not my season of choice, I’m enjoying the slowness right now. I’m eating lots of bbq, hanging out with Amelia and reading. It’s been a lovely break from the madness. Oh can we talk watermelons for a second! I’ve gone through a ridiculous amount of watermelons over the course of this summer. I don’t know why (I mean I know why) but I can’t …


Pasta primavera lasagna, and nourishing your soul with all that is good and true

Vibrant spring vegetables perfectly paired with savory garlic chicken in this one-of-kind Pasta Primavera Lasagna.


A pudding that is always your cup of tea

Use vintage teacups to add a touch of posh to your favorite pudding.


A fight that is worth fighting

An email in response to my yesterday’s emotions I received this morning. I cried again. That 1 person exists! Oh! Sweet Olena! As one who grew up surrounded by a huge family yet feeling removed and alone, even in crowded situations, I was labeled a “loner”. Couldn’t have been farther from the truth but it …


Get naked! … juice smoothies, that is

A review of Naked Juice Smoothies and a charitable action that benefits you too!


Moussaka don’t miss out on this greek classic, if you have never tried this before, think of a lasnaga that is made out of eggplant.

This makes a great appetizer or an excellent side dish.  You can cook Greek food at home, this is a dish you will find in any Greek restaurant. Moussaka EGGPLANT Moussaka Don't miss out on


How to make tortilla chips that is the best

How to make tortilla chips that are oven baked and spicy? Take a look at this simple recipe and turn your corn tortillas into tortilla chips.


Instant pot corn on the cob that is sweet and tender

Barbecue season well underway use your electric pressure cooker to make Instant Pot Corn On The Cob for sweet and tender corn on the cob every time!


La madeleine’s country potato soup – hearty potato soup that is perfect for dinner.

Make your own copycat La Madeleine Country Potato Soup just like they do with this easy copycat recipe.


Crock pot mac n cheese that is sure to please

Are you looking for a super simple crock pot recipe? This crock pot mac n cheese is sure to be a crowd pleaser!


How to make chili powder recipe that is the best

How to make chili powder you will love without any preservatives, organic spices and super cheap compared to store bought chili powder spice mix.


Spicy & real sinful fish amok that is easy to make

I saw this dish featured in the UK food show 'Gordon's Great Escape' and decided to give it a try. Fish Amok, otherwise known as Cambodian steamed curry fish, is an Asian dish served as a culinary cuisine of the Kmer tribe. Anyone who embraces the marriage of coconut and curry would definitely fall in love with this


A great vegan lentil soup that isn’t just for vegans

Lentil soup fan? This vegan friendly recipe is one of the best ones I've ever head. A fantastic flavorful soup loaded with protein.


Quick beef pho that is rich, flavorful and absolutely delightful

Pho soup is all the range these days, but it does not have to take hours to make. Try this rich, flavorful quick beef Pho recipe this weekend, it's the perfect winter dish.


The best dutch apple pie recipe that is the perfect dessert

This Dutch apple pie recipe is perfect for dessert or as a coffee cake. Made with apples, raisins and a crunchy sweet crust.


From the heart: searching for a treasure that is already within

Deep within us we have the inkling that all we will ever need has already been given to us, that all along we've been searching for a treasure that is already within...


Gluten free bread that is easy to make!

Gluten free bread made with sorghum is soft, easily sliced, and has a lovely neutral taste. This homemade bread recipe is easy to make without kneading.


A coconut-chocolate almond tart that is gluten free

A rich, decadent tart does not disappoint.  This coconut-chocolate almond tart is gluten free and can be made dairy-free as well. A fantastic dessert anytime that also works well for Passover.

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