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thai beef noodle salad

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Thai beef noodle salad

Not too long ago I go an email asking me if I had ever been to a Houston's restaurant and if I had tried their 'evil jungle noodle salad'. That was the first that I had heard of either but the description that I had been given of the salad sounded really good. It was described as containing: mango, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, cilantro and mint along with the noodles and that was all topped off with some lightly seared sliced beef. This salad is just jam packed with so many good things and with the mango and avocado it reminded


Thai beef noodle salad

"When I worked as a cook on the ferries that travel between Bellingham, Washington and southeastern Alaska. I served this salad to our passengers and crew, and it always received compliments," notes Patricia Morgan of Haines, Alaska. "It's best chilled overnight."


Thai beef noodle salad with spicy peanut sauce

Soy-garlic-lime-peanutty goodness with a big kick of fresh ginger is crazy-good over fresh veggies, sesame-seared beef, & just-al-dente rice noodles!


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