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Bruschetta with a texas twist (video)

This is a video from for an interesting twist on Bruschetta. They did such a great job producing it but when I watched it I was immediately taken aback by the contrast of my Alabama accent compared to the hosts lovely, more “proper” accent. I can’t quite place hers but it is truly beautiful, […]


Faux texas twister drink

This is a non-alcoholic fruit punch, similar to the Texas Twister lemonades sold at fairs. It isn't exact but it is very close.


Texas twister buttermilk pie

There are really two parts to the story behind this pie. <br />PART 1: eons ago, when Unicorns roamed the earth and I was in college, I waited tables at a place called Threadgill's - Home Cookin'. One of the desserts was (and still is) buttermilk pie, which I never took a liking too because I found it to be sweet - just SWEET and nothing else. So I never ate it. <br /> <br />PART 2: Fast forward to the present. I know I want to make something sweet for chili week, I know I do NOT want to go back to the store, so I start rooting around in the pantry and fridge. One thing we almost always have is buttermilk. And of course I have chilis galore this week and so ... this idea started formulating ... what if there were more to the buttermilk pie than just sweet? And so ... a pie is born. And it is good. - aargersi

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