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style beef stew

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Slow cooker mexican-style beef stew

I was craving something beefy and not so 'American' after all the poultry we've been having lately, so I threw together this simple, delicious stew! I hope you like it as much as we do!


Italian style beef stew with butternut squash

While I was eating my squash chili mole I was thinking about what else I could use squash in and I eventually arrived at a beef stew. I had recently made a Japanese style beef stew (nikujaga) using pumpkin so I wanted something a little bit different. I was thinking that an Italian style beef stew would be nice. The first thing I did of course was search the web for recipes and came across this one for a beef and butternut squash stew that sounded like a nice place to start. I felt that an Italian style beef stew


Jamaican-style beef stew

This delicious stew makes a hearty supper with a lighter touch. The leaner cut of meat, herbs and seasonings and fresh vegetables make it so flavorful, you'll want another bowl! —James Hayes, Ridgecrest, California


Asian-style beef stew

Think of a great and simple beef stew, then jazz it up with Asian-inspired flavors and serve on a creamy bed of mashed potatoes.


Greek style beef stew

This Greek-style beef stew is filled with potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and spices. A little red wine and wine vinegar adds additional depth of flavor.


Chinese style beef stew: a reminiscent of filipino beef pares

Chinese Style Beef Stew is a reminiscent of the Filipino Beef Pares. It has similar ingredients but extra flavorful with the addition of shiitake mushrooms.


French-style beef stew with dumplings

This recipe is a favorite inspired by an old cookbook of my Mother's that didn't survive our many moves as a military family. Mom made some changes and I added my own touch but the flavor stays true to the original.


Italian style beef stew {instant pot}

Italian Style Beef Stew is flavored with fire roasted tomato, herbs, vegetables and tender beef. Make it in the Instant Pot, oven or slow cooker.


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